Monday, October 25, 2010

I Can See Clearly Now The Rain Is Gone

Finally, finally, after a long wait, bosses ding-dongings and such, I am released from the Project and back to the Head Office.  Its been a week now and I am slowly enjoying the newfound freedom and life which I had been missing in the past 4 years that I was in the Project.  But I ain’t complaining, it wasnt that bad working at site.  I like the time flexibility (though we still have to clock in from 8am-5pm daily except Sun), the ‘family’ environment with other teammates,  the rowdy talks with the guys, the freedom to not have to wear formal to work,  freedom to surf the net, and best of all, the whole experience of seeing and being at the place where all the action takes place.  Yeah, it was good, but with that came a hell lot of stress, anger, frustrations, and emotional breakdowns when things dont go the way it should and my department gets screwed for it.  Sigh.  But again, I aint complaining.

In HQ there are a set of pros and cons too.  Really, its the same everywhere, it all depends what you weigh as more important or lesser of all evils in the world.

For me, the most tak best part is…I cant talk loud and there really isnt much common topics with my new colleagues!  They all speak Mandarin and some Canto ALL the time.  I speak none of those.  Their common topic is travelling and family, while my interest lies in real estate, investments, and photography!  So totally tak ngam! But they are nice people, so I just ‘um’, ‘yes’, ‘ok’ when a response is required of me.  Haih.

With Free Time Comes More Activities

I dont have to work on Saturdays anymore! This is good, there is so much that I can do on an extra off day like a Saturday!  I have been working 6 full days for the past 4 years, so having Saturdays off is like letting a kid loose in a candy store.  There’s just so much that I want to do!

1.  I can shoot more!  Yeah.  Coz most photo outings are organized on Saturdays, which I extremely geram because I had to work.

2.  I can take up cycling.  Speaking of which, I am seriously considering buying a Dahon folding bike for my leisure as well as for my future travels.   I used to cycle a lot when I was in school.  It would be great to get on the wheels again =)

3.  I am starting a new mini project this Saturday onwards.  But no details yet coz I don't want anyone to curi my idea ok ;p

Of course the hubby will be the happiest person because he doesn't have to spend the whole of Saturday home-bound by himself.

Rediscovering A New Zest Of Life?

Ah, I am already quite excited about the new found time for myself.  Of course there’s always the husband to factor in, but all in all, I do hope that it will not be that big of a factor that I have to compromise on my needs and wants.

Travelling seems more viable now.  The new job would require me to travel quite a bit (I hope at least 2 weeks in a month?), all paid by the company.  I have always envied those who can travel for work.  My previous job sucks in the sense that I was stuck in the same project for 4 years and did not travel much as I dont have enough leave to spend (Remember, Saturdays were working days, so I have to apply for leave even if its just to do some personal stuff on Saturday).  I want to see more of the world, and capture the essense of life outside my comfort zone.


Actually all these can be done with one thing – Time.  Too much of my time has been spent working my ass off, and so little for the things that I love.  It’s time for a change.  And I gladly take up the challenge, even with some major adjustments that I have to make.

Eh, this entry sounds very the formal and mature.  Promise you, the next will not be in this tone.  Solemn topics call for solemn writing style. 

Cest la vie!

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