Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Serenity of The Kitchen

Kitchen, the heart of a family.  The Chinese say that a family that eats together, stays together.  And so, we should always honor the kitchen.  No sofa in the lounge, never mind.  Without the plasma TV, still can survive.  But every kitchen must have a stove.  From the heat of the stove, comes warm, wholesome meal that bring every family member together.

So, in a lazy afternoon, not knowing what to do, I stared at the serenity of my kitchen, all calm and clean, with the cooking tools hanging beautifully on the rail, I thought, why not shoot the kitchen.  After all, I am supposed to go out, in the beauty of the morning, to shoot something but alas, didnt quite make it.


The stove, where a lot of goodness was created.


Pots, pans and a whole lot of ladles.


The spice bar.  Some are still in the fridge, yet to find a container for them.


Onions.  Its almost a staple ingredient in Asian cooking.   


Toasted belacan.  I love the fragrant that comes from cooked belacan.  Its wonderful, flavorful and compliments many local dishes.  Definitely one of my favourite ingredients.   

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