Saturday, August 28, 2010

[Linora] – Abandoned. Mysterious. Portraits.

I, for one, am not so much of a ‘portrait’ photographer.  Portraiture itself, to me, is a very deep and wide topic, and branches off to many, many types, understanding and views on what makes a good portrait and what is nothing but merely sexual exploitations.  As a serious hobbyist, I take every shot with conscience and very, very seriously.  Including portraitures.  After much debates, discussions and exchanging of thoughts (aloud and silently), I kinda know what is my cup of tea and what is not.

Which over time, I hope to develop my very own signature shots.

Now the shoot.  Linora is a friend of mine who is best known as the TV host of Bola@Mamak at Astro Supersports, the featured personality in the recent World Cup predictor, so-starred alongside Daphne Iking in ‘Belukar’ as well as acted in several local plays and theatres.  So when Shawn suggested we do a model shooutout, Lin came to my mind. 

We initially wanted to do something within the theme of ‘Vintage’ at an abandoned warehouse in Glenmarie.  But in the end, tak jadi as there were too many photographers, all wanting to have equal amount of time and poses from the model.  But still, we had a good time and I am glad that the pictures turned out pretty alright.










Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Food Is Love

These days I cook at home a lot.  Cooking for 2 persons is not easy, because we usually end up either tak cukup, or too much that we had to bring forward to the next day.  But it is fun and I enjoy whipping different dishes whenever I can.


Roasted vegetables.  Ingredients are pretty basic -  chopped pumpkins, capsicums and carrots, dressed with Worchestershire sauce, palm oil (coz I didn't have olive oil), garlic and some thyme. Oven roasted for about 30 mins or so. It turned up very well, better than I expected.  And healthy too.


Tomyam Pasta.  A very easy and delicious pan-asian recipe. I made 2 versions of it.  The first was, open a can of chilli tuna, add tomyam paste to the chilli tuna and cooked Spiralli, and bake in the oven for 15 mins.  Viola, its done.

The pic above is of the second version.  This one was pan-fried with beef, lots of tomyam paste, some chillies, onions, and spices.  And also, its fast, easy and tasty.  I love it.  It’s like Bolognaise but tomyam instead of the usual tomato based sauce.  Yum.


Having a husband who is Indian, I have no choice but to learn to cook Indian food.  Rasam, an Indian soup is good for the stomach, and I made a bitterguord dish with chapati.  It was a healthy meal, and everything turned out great.  Perhaps, except the chapati la.  I just can’t seem to get the right dough consistency and as a result, couldnt roll it into that nice, flat and round shaped chapati that we get in the shops.  But nevertheless, the taste was just as nice and we both enjoyed our home cooked indian dish very much.

That’s all for now.  I will cook more, for sure, but as for now, its 11.51pm and I need to sleep. Cooking is fun and I will post up more entries on my culinary adventures!