Thursday, July 01, 2010

Vintage Garden Wedding in Black & White

Adeline & John Mark are good friends to us. We (Josh & I) know them separately for quite a while now, but somehow, through some twist of fate (highly suspicious was the work of the Great Matchmaker), they got together and were recently married to each other in a beautiful, vintage-themed garden wedding.

Well garden weddings have its pros and cons, but theirs was a wonderful one – the weather was perfect, the turnout was great and overall, it was an enjoyable affair.

Not to mention the free flow of wine. Ah.

Photographic data:

Nikon FE2 + 28mm f3.5 (I think the sensor was dusty, need some servicing soon lah)

HC110, 20degrees, 5 mins

Ilford stopper 1 min

Ilford rapid fixer, 5b min

Canon 8800F








Happily Ever After. The end of the wedding, the beginning of the marriage. May God bless them both with many blessings and little Anthoa-s. =)

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