Monday, July 12, 2010

Sometimes The Gambar Tak Jadi

Sometimes I shoot crappy stuff.  Or rather, most of the time I shoot crappy stuff.  Today, I am posting up some of those tak berapa jadi ones so that my film, effort, time and chemicals were not used up in vain on pics that will probably live in the archives of my hard disk.

Also because I am tired, shoulders stiff and at 8.00pm, I am still working my a** on this new tender.  I need some form of break, apart from Facebook which is flooded with World cup and sotong Paul comments.

Since these pics are so darn crappy and utterly meaningless and useless, I will not blow it big, and will not spend time editing or adding my watermark also.


Seashells, hermit crabs and homecoming. 


Lost bouy by the beach.


World Cup Big Screen


Buggy Come Home.


This is a classic example of ‘watch ur background’.

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