Monday, July 05, 2010

Monitor Not Calibrated? Yours Or Mine?

The last time I calibrated my monitor was 2 years ago. At least it was calibrated before. But lately, I find that the monitor is starting to play tricks on me, so much so that I'd rather trust my instincts that my naked eyes.

And again, recently, a friend just right smack told me that my Black and White are ugly because all look so black. Eh, but in my laptop monitor, they look fine. Bright with enough contrast and details at the right place. But then, I cant blame her because in my office CRT monitor, the images are too dark too. FYI, the CRT is totally for office use and never was calibrated before.

So the best judge in this situation is to get that Spyder thing that could restore my confidence in photo editing and photography as a whole. Then I can tell those who think that my photos are 'not bright enough', or not 'colourful enough' that its THEIR monitors that are lousy.

Yes, photography is really an expensive hobby is u r serious into it.

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