Monday, July 12, 2010

Sometimes The Gambar Tak Jadi

Sometimes I shoot crappy stuff.  Or rather, most of the time I shoot crappy stuff.  Today, I am posting up some of those tak berapa jadi ones so that my film, effort, time and chemicals were not used up in vain on pics that will probably live in the archives of my hard disk.

Also because I am tired, shoulders stiff and at 8.00pm, I am still working my a** on this new tender.  I need some form of break, apart from Facebook which is flooded with World cup and sotong Paul comments.

Since these pics are so darn crappy and utterly meaningless and useless, I will not blow it big, and will not spend time editing or adding my watermark also.


Seashells, hermit crabs and homecoming. 


Lost bouy by the beach.


World Cup Big Screen


Buggy Come Home.


This is a classic example of ‘watch ur background’.

Monday, July 05, 2010

Monitor Not Calibrated? Yours Or Mine?

The last time I calibrated my monitor was 2 years ago. At least it was calibrated before. But lately, I find that the monitor is starting to play tricks on me, so much so that I'd rather trust my instincts that my naked eyes.

And again, recently, a friend just right smack told me that my Black and White are ugly because all look so black. Eh, but in my laptop monitor, they look fine. Bright with enough contrast and details at the right place. But then, I cant blame her because in my office CRT monitor, the images are too dark too. FYI, the CRT is totally for office use and never was calibrated before.

So the best judge in this situation is to get that Spyder thing that could restore my confidence in photo editing and photography as a whole. Then I can tell those who think that my photos are 'not bright enough', or not 'colourful enough' that its THEIR monitors that are lousy.

Yes, photography is really an expensive hobby is u r serious into it.

Friday, July 02, 2010

Silent Moment a fellow comrade whose passing came so sudden late last night.

My condolence to his family members. We will always remember him as the crazy phychotic guy who used to greet us with a loud 'hi' every morning. And also, for being part of our drinking gang.


Thursday, July 01, 2010

Vintage Garden Wedding in Black & White

Adeline & John Mark are good friends to us. We (Josh & I) know them separately for quite a while now, but somehow, through some twist of fate (highly suspicious was the work of the Great Matchmaker), they got together and were recently married to each other in a beautiful, vintage-themed garden wedding.

Well garden weddings have its pros and cons, but theirs was a wonderful one – the weather was perfect, the turnout was great and overall, it was an enjoyable affair.

Not to mention the free flow of wine. Ah.

Photographic data:

Nikon FE2 + 28mm f3.5 (I think the sensor was dusty, need some servicing soon lah)

HC110, 20degrees, 5 mins

Ilford stopper 1 min

Ilford rapid fixer, 5b min

Canon 8800F








Happily Ever After. The end of the wedding, the beginning of the marriage. May God bless them both with many blessings and little Anthoa-s. =)

The Games at Kuantan

One thing that I love about my employer is, there are many staff activities that all staff can participate.  Like the Regional Games that happens once in 2 years.  It’s like the inter-Group Olympics and everybody anticipates the arrival of the Games.

This time around, the Games was held in Kuantan and hosted by our Port division.  Like the previous installation at Sandakan, I was one of the official (but unpaid) photographer for the event.  But unlike in Sandakan, I now have more mean gears AND a zoom lens that goes till 200mm with VR.  Very useful for sports.  And also, a flashgun. 

Here are a small selection of photos from the Games that I like.  Mostly shot at F8 ISO 400 (except the indoor games at F5.6 ISO 1600 + flash i thk was 1/16)

1.  Golf



I personally love this sand bunker shot.  Just secukup rasa of man, sand, ball and the club, and on time to freeze the sand.


Some artistic try of golf without man.

2.  Volleyball

Volleyball is (and has always been) by far, the most watched and happening game in the Games.  Scores of supporters from various divisions would flock by the courts and cheer for their teams.


I  love this shot though the camera did not focus on where I intended it to be.  But nevertheless, still an achievement for me.


Barricade blockers.


Speedy Spiker. I was shooting at 1/250 and this guy was faster than my shutter speed?? Foosh.  DOnt know what these Sabahans eat.  Seriously, they are mighty strong.  Beats us all Peninsula people.


Supporters.  Not sponsored by Carlsberg tho.

3.  Pool

Shooting anything indoors is damn difficult.  Low lights, my camera is not capable of reaching that high ISO without decent amount of noise.


Portrait of a snooker player.  After several tries with many angles, it finally clicked on me that all the while I had been doing it wrong.  It is not impossible to get a professional looking portrait of the player provided you know where  to place the camera.  Ah, another acheivement for me.


Intensity.  Snooker is a bit like golf, needs concentration and strategising.

4.  Netball

Honestly, I very the benci netball.  I can’t play and I am bad with team games.  Maybe I am not brutal enough to whack and snatch and fight for balls.  Sigh.


Since I hate netball, not much caption to write here, except that I shot this while dispensing my duty as a photographer. 

5.  Touch Rugby

Ooh la la.  Me likey watch rugby, live or on TV.  Though in the Games, we only had touch rugby, but still it was an interesting game to watch.  Even though I was not on duty to shoot rugby, but nevertheless I still took some because it is just such as waste not to have any pictures of this beautiful game!


Lucky the camera focus was spot on the right person, this time. 

So thats all for now about the Games.  I have over a thousand shots of the Games, but due to space, I only put up these few that I really like.  The rest, hmm, I guess there’s no where you can see it lah.  Unless you have my company portal =)