Thursday, June 24, 2010

Malas-ness Kicked In

Ah, how fast June flies. I remember ranting about how exciting June would be and now, its already towards the end.

I hope there will be the much anticipated, much rumoured bonus at the end of the month. *cross fingers*

Work has been hectic. Like mad. I'm brain-jammed now, that's why I'm blogging during office hours. The project ain't gonna end any soon, I must accept that fact now. But nevermind, the battle continues and I will survive.

A new job wont harm, though *grins*

Been away from home and office almost every weekend. The kitchen is in a mess. The husband isnt very good in housekeeping.

Was in Kuantan last weekend for the company Regional Games. It's the most anticipated event that happens once in 2 years. Time flies, the last one in Sandakan was still fresh in my mind. This time around, I was again, the official photographer. But this time around, I have much better gears (in Sandakan, I was only using the K100D Pentax with kit lens and no flash) and have improved a lot since the days of the Pentax. I'll post some tonight, in a separate entry.

Test drove a Triton and a Pajero. I like high and mighty cars. Fear me, O puny cars on the road! Haha. Will write about it when I have the time.

Pudu Prison is gone forever. I can never shoot it anymore. I feel sad for it and for myself. Ashamed too, for not having the time to really walk down the prison walls to shoot this heritage building. I always have the passion for old buildings, but this one, is such a waste. And regretful for me.

I better do the Pekeliling Flats soon before they are gone as well. Any photo kakis around to go with me?

Football fever has hit home. I hope Germany beats England in the next game. I shall remain silent on why I seem to be against England but just to say, its for the ego and some materials that might be gone forever if England reaches to the Finals.

That's all. Ngam-ngam 5 mins to update the blog. Spewing everything out is good. Like pissing a great waterfall after holding for 5 hours. Aaahh.

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