Friday, May 14, 2010

Robin Hood

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I've a confession here. First, I NEVER read the story book. Or even if I did, I cannot recall how the story goes. But doesnt matter, because this movie is like the prequel to ALL Robin Hood movies that we have seen so far. Its like Batman Begins. So this is Robin Hood Begins.

I am not going to eloborate more on the story, lest I spilled some beans and spoil your appetite to watch the movie. But what's a movie review without some spoilers la, rite? ;p

So Robin Hood was an archer with the English military (don't think that is the right term but since I'm no historian, what the heck la) and through some twist of fate he and his friends managed to escape death, entangled with the royal and government affairs, became allies with the King of England, then subsequently stole the king's thunder and was outlawed by the King.

See, short and sweet, no spoilers huh? Hehe.

I think this is a good movie to watch, if you are into war, medieval, history (like me) and Russel Crowe (not really a fan). Somehow, this movie has some uncanny resemblence to...Gladiator? Geez. Underdog became hero and later outclassed by some king. Same same, no? But not to be confused, one is English, the other Roman.

So my verdict is a 7/10. Not bad a movie lah, seriously.

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