Monday, May 17, 2010

No Thomas This Year

First, I dont normally watch sports, more so games like badminton. But it was the Thomas Cup, and was aired LIVE from our very own Bukit Jalil Stadium! How can I not watch it? Besides the husband is all fired up to watch the games so I pun tumpang la.

Msia, of course, was not expected (though we all hoped) to win the Cup. They all played well and good, but really, still not up to the level of the opponents, particularly China. Though many may hate Lin Dan, but seriously, putting personal vendetta aside, I think he is a blardy damn good player. He's like the Roger Federer of Badminton (during the reign of Roger, before the emergence of three-quarter-pants Nadal). No, "good" doesnt do him justice. "Great" is the word. And he is very confident with himself. Perhaps that's why he IS the best.

Now our team consists of some pretty familiar faces. Of course we have so many No 1 titles but why do we still lose? I dont have an answer. But I think we need new players. We must be really desparate to still put Wong Choong Han to play as 2nd singles. Apa ni. He was good lah, but he should be retiring by now. How can a 35year old man pitch against a 21 year old opponent? Msia must start training new people or we will eventually be phased out totally from future Thomas Cups because of no participant. Even our Dato Lee pun dah 29 years old.

Anyway, me no expert to comment on the technicalities of the game. But at least, racism has not contaminated the spirit of the game, and this is a very plausible thing. Many things in our country *you know and I know* always have some elements of *quota* but I am glad, badminton is not one of those. And none of the players played as "Chinese", "Malay" or whatever races, they fought as one..Malaysians. This, I truely appreciate.

OK la, let's not harbor past disappointments. I hope that our team can make it to the Finals next time around. Perhaps I would forget to watch even!

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