Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Masjid Jamek & KL Walkabout

The B&W gang roamed the streets of KL again!  This time, I brought my newly acquired FE2 but still was using the HP5 film simply because it was the cheapest of all rolls that I have and I am more confident developing it by myself.

After hours of trying to get the film into the spool, an almost broken film picker, and finally resolved by whacking the reel, forgetting the scissors and bermacam-macam lagi mishaps, I finally managed to develop this roll.  Phew.  Turned out better than  I expected actually.  Thought I had blown it all!

Nikon FE2, Ilford HP5, HC110 6 min @ 27deg, Ilford Rapid Stopper 1 min, Ilford Fixer 5min.  All agitation done every 30sec.

No PP done except for the two pic that have a black border.




Last call…


The sun is always shining..


KTM Admin office viewed from The Station Heritage Hotel.  Classic Moorish architecture.




Tembikar (Pottery) at Dayabumi Complex. 


Arrival of the long awaited bus..


The pillars of Masjid Jamek (the mosque, not the LRT station)


Pillars of Wisdom.  Shadows on the floor.

Overall, I enjoyed myself and made a few good friends!  Photography is always wonderful because not only it gives me satisfaction and pleasure to trigger the shutter button, it also opens me to a new world of meeting likeminded people.

I cant wait for the next outing to I-city.  Yes, that place has been shot to death, BUT, this time, we’re doing Black & White!  How’s that for a change? ;p

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