Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Laid Back Life at Batu Dam

Batu Dam is situated somewhere along the way up to Ulu Yam/KKB/Batang Kali and the sleepy areas that fall under the Hulu Selangor constituency.

Its a nice place to rest the troubled mind and calm the distressed soul.

Camera: Nikon FE2
Film : Ilford HP5
HC110 (Dilution 1:64, 6 mins, 27degC)
Ilfordstopper : 1:10
Ilfordfixer: 1:4

The dam

Anglers cutting off the hook from the fish. Apparently, the hook got too deep into this particular fish that the guy had to ply out the hook from the poor thing's throat.

Ikan Toman abundant in the lake. After speaking with one of the guys there, I found that this is a predatory fish that people dont normally eat and has a very strong will to survive, even outside water.

More B&W pics to follow suit. Stay tuned!

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