Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Ip Man 2

Having some free time for myself, which is very, very rare, I decided to make full use of the day instead of staying home, sleeping the whole day, and mourning the pain of my lower back. So I went to watch a movie. Woohoo. And its a Wednesday so its cheaper! Double Woohoo.

*Image curi-ed from GSC website. Sorry for low-res.

And I chose to watch Ip Man 2. I kept calling the movie I.P. Man that the ticket counter girl also wondered what I was talking about. Its Ip Man (pronounced eep mun, not ai pi man ok), haha.

The movie was overall good lah, about Ip Man (Donnie Yen) who just moved to Hong Kong after the Japanese occupation and wanted to start a martial arts school. Then the usual story line lah, the Brits’ top boxer wanted to challenge the Chinese, and eventually Ip Man defeated the guy in public and saved the face of the Chinese. Actually this story line is the same for all Kung Fu masters’ movies, I think Wong Fei Hong and the other guy, Fok something something also had a movie which went exactly the same and ended, also almost exactly the same.

But, I’m not quick to shun this movie. I hardly watch chinese flicks, only those with the following elements:

1. Historical, especially war related. Because I love old buildings and learning the lifestyle and environment of people in the past. Damn, I think I watched Ip Man because it revolves around a real person living in a real time, some time ago.

2. Nilai-nilai murni especially those that brings out the semangat nationalisme di kalangan bangsa cina. Though I dont consider China my home country (coz I am fourth generation Malaysian, both sides), but still, watching their fighting spirit and will to survive just melts me. Somehow la. But then again, too much of good values can bore me, which in the case of Ip Man, is just right. Aww..

3. Realistic. I hate those colourful bombs, moving segments of mountains and laser emitting old bitches striking trees and piercing boulders. A bit of flying here and there and fast punches are OK la.

So if all three elements come together, its a ‘watchable’ movie for me. So, if you like to learn more about post war China (and HK for that matter), do watch this movie. Would I pay RM 10 for it? Yeah, why not. RM11? Erm. But RM 7 on a Wednesday? Yesssss! Give a miss to all the other ‘phek yau’ (gangster) movies, put on some intellectual mind and watch this movie. Its Ip Man 2.

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