Monday, May 17, 2010

Belukar - Filem Lokal

Foosh, I never watch THREE movies in a week in my entire life! I must have been crazy to spend so much on movies in a week!

Wed- IP Man 2..Oh, I was on MC and it was movie day. So forgiven ;p
Thur - Robin Hood. It's the opening la...Moreover I have not watched any English movie in the cinema for a very long time. So forgiven ;p
Sun - Belukar...erm...A friend acted in it can I not support her, kan? So forgiven also lor.. ;p

Alright, honestly, if it wasnt because a friend acted in it (no, not Daphne Iking), and it was her debut, I probably wouldn't spend RM 11 on a Saturday night (and subsequent RM 7 for parking at BTS) to watch a local movie. Not that I dont support local stuff la, I didnt even borther watching the award-winning-critically acclaimed Sepet, what more any other local movies. Eh, I memang teruk OK. But if its free, I dont mind la. Cicak Man was blardy entertaining and stupidly funny. Pontianak Harum was so scary I think it can be setaraf with Indon horror films (remember the 80s puntianal movie with Nur Kumalasari? Damn scary wei) and definitely better than those lame Singaporean movies.

So anyway, Belukar is NOT really a Malay movie (like Remp-It, and those Saiful Apek stuff), it is more of a Malaysian movie. The setting was in Sabah, starring non Malays, but has a good blend of Malaysian-ness to it. Like speaking in Bahasa Malaysia and lots of locally composed Malay songs. Nice. I'm not an expert in cinematography or whatever graphy la, but coming from some photography background, I'd say, it is very Indie and Lomo-ish. Blue and green tint with some 'rusty' effect to it. Nice. Very artsy. A good change from the usual 'sharp and clear' frames.

The storyline, however, was not so nice. Too messy to my liking. Like reading those stupid story books that end a scene at one page, and to continue, you must go to 18 pages later. Then flip back to 5 pages before. Than to page 25. Then back to page 2. Itu macam. Very the konfius. In the end, I also dont know what was happening. I like straightforwarded movies. Like Robin Hood. There's a flow. And its easy to understand. My brain just dont want to think when it comes to entertainment. However, on rare occasions, the brain could work, but for this one, it just went "whatever la"..

So that was my opinion on the movie. Otherwise its is a "watchable" movie. Would I pay RM 11? NO! RM10? Nope. RM7, yeah, maybe. But for the sake of supporting a friend, RM 11 is OK la. At least I'm not paying for some lawak bodoh movie, kan?

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Cruel Angel said...

belukar... sounds like favourite past time of malay couples hangout.