Wednesday, May 26, 2010

It's Almost June!

Time flies sooooo fast. It's almost June now! 6 months has passed and another 6 months to go before the year ends.

I dont know if its just me, but, don't you feel that time passes even faster as you age? I mean, when I was schooling, one year took forever to end before I graduated from school, into Form 6, then 3 years in Uni and finally, FINALLY free from the tortures of exams and misery of memorising facts just to pass the papers. But now that I am no longer a student (in the formal education per se) and part of the faithful tax-paying workforce, time moves so fast. I've been working for 4 years already although I felt like I am still quite fresh from uni.

And I have completed my compulsory service to the company.

Perhaps, because everyday is a routine, the brain is fused to 'count' time on a weekly basis. So instead of looking at 365 days, I look at 52x2 (Sat & Sun) = 104 days only. Mon-Fri = 1 block so tak kira. Maybe the brain has aged and is incapable of separating short spare time in the form of 'after-office hours' from the normal hours at work. Maybe.

Looking at my schedule for the coming months, I am packed and every weekend is booked for some event or another. Its not a bad thing la, after all, this brings colour to my life. Thinking back, I shouldn't be complaining coz I know there are people out there who live by themselves, away from family, don't have many close friends and whose lives just revolve around work and nothing else. Quite a sad state actually. Thank God I am put in that kind of position. I'll be crazy.

Anyway, what I'm trying to say is, well, i also forgot. Happy Wesak Day to all Buddhists and happy holiday to all those who are benefitting from the Wesak Day holiday. For me and those kesian people who have to work, erm, happy working (though I don't think it will be such).

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Whoa, Pac Man!

I was pleasantly surprised to find Pac Man at Google's front page. It's so cute and reminds me of the days when I used to play Pac Man in the school computer lab. Those were the days before the 3.5 inch floppy discs came into picture and waaaay before the thumb drive even existed.

Ooh, and the syiok thing is, you can actually play Pac Man on the Google Page. How sweet! =)

Happy 30th Anniversary Pac Man! If it wasnt for Google, I wouldnt have realised it has been thiiiisss old, man.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Belukar - Filem Lokal

Foosh, I never watch THREE movies in a week in my entire life! I must have been crazy to spend so much on movies in a week!

Wed- IP Man 2..Oh, I was on MC and it was movie day. So forgiven ;p
Thur - Robin Hood. It's the opening la...Moreover I have not watched any English movie in the cinema for a very long time. So forgiven ;p
Sun - Belukar...erm...A friend acted in it can I not support her, kan? So forgiven also lor.. ;p

Alright, honestly, if it wasnt because a friend acted in it (no, not Daphne Iking), and it was her debut, I probably wouldn't spend RM 11 on a Saturday night (and subsequent RM 7 for parking at BTS) to watch a local movie. Not that I dont support local stuff la, I didnt even borther watching the award-winning-critically acclaimed Sepet, what more any other local movies. Eh, I memang teruk OK. But if its free, I dont mind la. Cicak Man was blardy entertaining and stupidly funny. Pontianak Harum was so scary I think it can be setaraf with Indon horror films (remember the 80s puntianal movie with Nur Kumalasari? Damn scary wei) and definitely better than those lame Singaporean movies.

So anyway, Belukar is NOT really a Malay movie (like Remp-It, and those Saiful Apek stuff), it is more of a Malaysian movie. The setting was in Sabah, starring non Malays, but has a good blend of Malaysian-ness to it. Like speaking in Bahasa Malaysia and lots of locally composed Malay songs. Nice. I'm not an expert in cinematography or whatever graphy la, but coming from some photography background, I'd say, it is very Indie and Lomo-ish. Blue and green tint with some 'rusty' effect to it. Nice. Very artsy. A good change from the usual 'sharp and clear' frames.

The storyline, however, was not so nice. Too messy to my liking. Like reading those stupid story books that end a scene at one page, and to continue, you must go to 18 pages later. Then flip back to 5 pages before. Than to page 25. Then back to page 2. Itu macam. Very the konfius. In the end, I also dont know what was happening. I like straightforwarded movies. Like Robin Hood. There's a flow. And its easy to understand. My brain just dont want to think when it comes to entertainment. However, on rare occasions, the brain could work, but for this one, it just went "whatever la"..

So that was my opinion on the movie. Otherwise its is a "watchable" movie. Would I pay RM 11? NO! RM10? Nope. RM7, yeah, maybe. But for the sake of supporting a friend, RM 11 is OK la. At least I'm not paying for some lawak bodoh movie, kan?

No Thomas This Year

First, I dont normally watch sports, more so games like badminton. But it was the Thomas Cup, and was aired LIVE from our very own Bukit Jalil Stadium! How can I not watch it? Besides the husband is all fired up to watch the games so I pun tumpang la.

Msia, of course, was not expected (though we all hoped) to win the Cup. They all played well and good, but really, still not up to the level of the opponents, particularly China. Though many may hate Lin Dan, but seriously, putting personal vendetta aside, I think he is a blardy damn good player. He's like the Roger Federer of Badminton (during the reign of Roger, before the emergence of three-quarter-pants Nadal). No, "good" doesnt do him justice. "Great" is the word. And he is very confident with himself. Perhaps that's why he IS the best.

Now our team consists of some pretty familiar faces. Of course we have so many No 1 titles but why do we still lose? I dont have an answer. But I think we need new players. We must be really desparate to still put Wong Choong Han to play as 2nd singles. Apa ni. He was good lah, but he should be retiring by now. How can a 35year old man pitch against a 21 year old opponent? Msia must start training new people or we will eventually be phased out totally from future Thomas Cups because of no participant. Even our Dato Lee pun dah 29 years old.

Anyway, me no expert to comment on the technicalities of the game. But at least, racism has not contaminated the spirit of the game, and this is a very plausible thing. Many things in our country *you know and I know* always have some elements of *quota* but I am glad, badminton is not one of those. And none of the players played as "Chinese", "Malay" or whatever races, they fought as one..Malaysians. This, I truely appreciate.

OK la, let's not harbor past disappointments. I hope that our team can make it to the Finals next time around. Perhaps I would forget to watch even!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Robin Hood

*Image again, curi-ed from some website

I've a confession here. First, I NEVER read the story book. Or even if I did, I cannot recall how the story goes. But doesnt matter, because this movie is like the prequel to ALL Robin Hood movies that we have seen so far. Its like Batman Begins. So this is Robin Hood Begins.

I am not going to eloborate more on the story, lest I spilled some beans and spoil your appetite to watch the movie. But what's a movie review without some spoilers la, rite? ;p

So Robin Hood was an archer with the English military (don't think that is the right term but since I'm no historian, what the heck la) and through some twist of fate he and his friends managed to escape death, entangled with the royal and government affairs, became allies with the King of England, then subsequently stole the king's thunder and was outlawed by the King.

See, short and sweet, no spoilers huh? Hehe.

I think this is a good movie to watch, if you are into war, medieval, history (like me) and Russel Crowe (not really a fan). Somehow, this movie has some uncanny resemblence to...Gladiator? Geez. Underdog became hero and later outclassed by some king. Same same, no? But not to be confused, one is English, the other Roman.

So my verdict is a 7/10. Not bad a movie lah, seriously.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Ip Man 2

Having some free time for myself, which is very, very rare, I decided to make full use of the day instead of staying home, sleeping the whole day, and mourning the pain of my lower back. So I went to watch a movie. Woohoo. And its a Wednesday so its cheaper! Double Woohoo.

*Image curi-ed from GSC website. Sorry for low-res.

And I chose to watch Ip Man 2. I kept calling the movie I.P. Man that the ticket counter girl also wondered what I was talking about. Its Ip Man (pronounced eep mun, not ai pi man ok), haha.

The movie was overall good lah, about Ip Man (Donnie Yen) who just moved to Hong Kong after the Japanese occupation and wanted to start a martial arts school. Then the usual story line lah, the Brits’ top boxer wanted to challenge the Chinese, and eventually Ip Man defeated the guy in public and saved the face of the Chinese. Actually this story line is the same for all Kung Fu masters’ movies, I think Wong Fei Hong and the other guy, Fok something something also had a movie which went exactly the same and ended, also almost exactly the same.

But, I’m not quick to shun this movie. I hardly watch chinese flicks, only those with the following elements:

1. Historical, especially war related. Because I love old buildings and learning the lifestyle and environment of people in the past. Damn, I think I watched Ip Man because it revolves around a real person living in a real time, some time ago.

2. Nilai-nilai murni especially those that brings out the semangat nationalisme di kalangan bangsa cina. Though I dont consider China my home country (coz I am fourth generation Malaysian, both sides), but still, watching their fighting spirit and will to survive just melts me. Somehow la. But then again, too much of good values can bore me, which in the case of Ip Man, is just right. Aww..

3. Realistic. I hate those colourful bombs, moving segments of mountains and laser emitting old bitches striking trees and piercing boulders. A bit of flying here and there and fast punches are OK la.

So if all three elements come together, its a ‘watchable’ movie for me. So, if you like to learn more about post war China (and HK for that matter), do watch this movie. Would I pay RM 10 for it? Yeah, why not. RM11? Erm. But RM 7 on a Wednesday? Yesssss! Give a miss to all the other ‘phek yau’ (gangster) movies, put on some intellectual mind and watch this movie. Its Ip Man 2.

Masjid Jamek & KL Walkabout

The B&W gang roamed the streets of KL again!  This time, I brought my newly acquired FE2 but still was using the HP5 film simply because it was the cheapest of all rolls that I have and I am more confident developing it by myself.

After hours of trying to get the film into the spool, an almost broken film picker, and finally resolved by whacking the reel, forgetting the scissors and bermacam-macam lagi mishaps, I finally managed to develop this roll.  Phew.  Turned out better than  I expected actually.  Thought I had blown it all!

Nikon FE2, Ilford HP5, HC110 6 min @ 27deg, Ilford Rapid Stopper 1 min, Ilford Fixer 5min.  All agitation done every 30sec.

No PP done except for the two pic that have a black border.




Last call…


The sun is always shining..


KTM Admin office viewed from The Station Heritage Hotel.  Classic Moorish architecture.




Tembikar (Pottery) at Dayabumi Complex. 


Arrival of the long awaited bus..


The pillars of Masjid Jamek (the mosque, not the LRT station)


Pillars of Wisdom.  Shadows on the floor.

Overall, I enjoyed myself and made a few good friends!  Photography is always wonderful because not only it gives me satisfaction and pleasure to trigger the shutter button, it also opens me to a new world of meeting likeminded people.

I cant wait for the next outing to I-city.  Yes, that place has been shot to death, BUT, this time, we’re doing Black & White!  How’s that for a change? ;p

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Laid Back Life at Batu Dam

Batu Dam is situated somewhere along the way up to Ulu Yam/KKB/Batang Kali and the sleepy areas that fall under the Hulu Selangor constituency.

Its a nice place to rest the troubled mind and calm the distressed soul.

Camera: Nikon FE2
Film : Ilford HP5
HC110 (Dilution 1:64, 6 mins, 27degC)
Ilfordstopper : 1:10
Ilfordfixer: 1:4

The dam

Anglers cutting off the hook from the fish. Apparently, the hook got too deep into this particular fish that the guy had to ply out the hook from the poor thing's throat.

Ikan Toman abundant in the lake. After speaking with one of the guys there, I found that this is a predatory fish that people dont normally eat and has a very strong will to survive, even outside water.

More B&W pics to follow suit. Stay tuned!