Saturday, April 24, 2010

Bertumbuh Kulat

..already la this blog!

Been very busy in the past few months, hardly have time for myself, more so for the blog! Thank God for the dry box or else the kulat will grow in my cameras as well!

Here's a little random update and thoughts in my mind about everything and anything.

1. Life. I just got married. No, please dont give me that 'ah, how's married life..', 'now u r married adi la...' etc etc kinda shit. Although its a happy thing but I just want my personal life to stay personal and I am not obliged to answer questions like this unless you are my bestest buddies ok?

Im moving into my own place soon. Erm, should be today but I am still in the office because I dont have enough annual leave to take anymore. I have 2 weddings to attend in the next two months, and two outstation trips to make which will make me poorer by many hundreds in the form on cut salary (unpaid leave) and angpow. But I am not complaining, just that I wish things could be better.
Update: By the time I posted this entry, I have already moved in. Yaey! Its a nice cozy place but we still want to do personalise some stuff in the house. Like painting a feature wall and the bathroom ceiling orange. Ah.

Speaking about moving, I am excited to be living in the new neighbourhood. Goodbye evil PJ jams. Goodbye toll. Haha. Hubby and I will have a good time venturing out the new area for food and provisions. And also, for entertainment at KL's most happening area. =)
Update: Jalan Kuching jam is EVIL. but then at least its only one jam and its toll free. Hah.

2. Photography. Had not touched my cameras, both D and non-D SLR for a long time. No time to shoot due to the above reasons. But May is going to be exciting, I will start shooting again. Looking forward to the film outing early May. With life slowly settling down to normalcy, I foresee more time for shoots. Looking forward to that, really.

3. Work. The project is still not finished but I hope it will be done by end June this year. More and more issues to settle before the big guys get transferred away and accounts to close before I move on with another assignment. Will be going back to head office after this project to do a different jobscope. Excited? Yes and no. Yes coz its different and offers me opportunity to travel for work, No because its still office based most of the time, and I have to say hi again to that terrible PJ jam. Shit. And not to mention the prospects of evil bitching and back biting that office ladies normally do. Urgh. But on the more positive side, I get to work 5 days a week, pweet! *more time for shooting and doing things that I like*

4. Handphone. Been using the same old phone since 2007 and lately I have been toying with the idea of upgrading to a more canggih phone with WiFi and touch screen. Bt I dont like touch screen because I cant sms while driving (although its illegal but I do it anyway). I dont need to check my mails on the go, I just want WiFi for facebook and blogging purposes, which is quite unnecessary actually. So, should I change or not?

After talking so much, I think I should just stick to the same phone until death do us part.

5. Selayang Market. Went there with mum last Sunday. Things were cheap- we bought capsicums at RM3.00/kg (appx 6-7 biji), carrots at RM2.50/kg and cabbage for RM 1.50/kg. Cheap, but the downsides are, the place is really super wet and dirty that its better to wear Phua Chu Kang boots there, and, most of the sellers prefer to sell in bulk. Would I go back there again? Yeah, sure. Wanna take pics of the colourful veges too =)

6. E-Filing. Its the Income Tax month again. Or to be precised, the final week to file in the taxes. I think one of the best things that the Govt ever did for us was to introduce E-filing. It is so so so so easy! Just key in the right figures and click 'Submit'. And ta-daaah, you'll get the bottom figure. Me likey! Now me waiting for IRB to send me my 'overpayment' checque, muahahhaha =)

7. Celcom Broadband. I made the right choice la to subcribe to Celcom. It was good, fast and has a wide coverage! Even the ulu place like Taman Rakyat (my hometown, not like ulu la, but the place is a bit towards the outskirts of Taiping) also can get connection! Kudos to Celcom la, really the widest coverage. But the speed there is a bit slow, but nonetheless, better than tarak line, kan?

Even at my new condo, the connection was fast! So guys out there who are living at CV condo, I highly recommend Celcom broadband! (ps: Im not working or affiliated with Celcom at all)

Itu sahaja for the time being. Till the next update (hopefully with pictures), Ta!

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