Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Busy, Exciting, Not, Busy, Not, Exciting. I Dont Know

This month is crazy. April is also crazy. Too many things happening, all supposedly good stuff. But I am too busy and having too many thoughts in my mind that I kinda dont have enough voltage to run all the appliances at the same time. Fused. Bzzz.

In a few more days I will be married. Ya I know I never mentioned a bit about it in this blog. Well its because i am having mixed feelings about it. Bitter sweet, I dont know its more bitter or sweet. At times I cry thinking about it. At times I feel blessed that at least on long term I am taken care of. I get sick and a little pissed when people keep harping about my wedding because I am just not the kind of person who likes to be paparazzied. Bah.

At the same time I will be moving out into the new condo. Pretty excited about that, coz its much nearer to work and I can wake up later and still get to work on time. Having a place of my own means I can furnish it as I want and keep stock of all the food that I like. But the bad side is, well, I have to clean the place because WIFE means washing, ironing, f*cking and entertainment.

I wish the first week of April can be fast forwarded and life can resume to normal.

Not to mention that there's the stupid quality audit that is coming just in the middle of April. Told my boss the department just dont have time to prepare for it so sepakat that we are going to ignore the audit altogether and get all the NCRs so that the bigger boss will know that he is being unreasonable to ask us for so much. Lucky my boss is more senior that the 'bigger boss' or else I dont know how to juggle current work, audit AND personal life.

But there are exciting things to look forward to this April. Mostly photoshoots. Yeah, I cant wait to get back on my feet to shoot! I got a used FE2 recently, and started to build my arsenal of films, chemicals and other stuff. It's gonna be exciting! I will blog about my new film fever soon, when things have settled a little. And the finances, too, so I can buy a scanner. Haha.

My sister has requested to shoot her casual pre-wedding shoot and the tentative place is PD, on tentatively end of April. I am so looking forward for it! I have been wanting to do couple shoots, but just couldnt find any volunteers. Its gonna be fun! I am looking at the works of Jessica Claire and hope to be inspired by her works. I hope the then-hubby will be able to assist as my flashgun holder. Haha.

Hm, what else. May will come soon. Sister's wedding. I will be coordinating the dinner. And editing the prewedding shoots. And I want to do a B&W shoot for her wedding day too. Hm. Exciting, yes. But that means I am going to be super busy. Ah. Aint complaining if it involves photography. Yaey!

OK la, Ive already stolen 5 mins out of my 8 official hours at work to write this. Till the next post, if I dont update frequently, you know why la. ;p

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Anonymous said...

i like the statement of this "WIFE means washing, ironing, f*cking and entertainment."
ermm..sound nice..haha...unfortunately..i need to find the Ms Right..haiz..have to go all over again...