Saturday, February 27, 2010

Love Will Keep Us Together

I am feeling all emo and blue.  Perhaps its the PMS.  Just at random, I thought of a close friend who is mending a broken heart.  Loved ever so dearly, but due to circumstances, they could not be together.  Fate has a weird way and sometimes, we can never understand why things happen the way it did. 

I feel for you, my friend.  Time will heal and the sweet memories will fill that tiny wound to make your heart whole again.

This song is for you.  Let love keep us together.  Coz I really love you.  The Captain & Tenille.   

Friday, February 19, 2010

My First Black And White Film


My first roll of film, the Ilford HP5 ISO (or ASA) 400, shot with a loaned Olympus mju something (will check the model when I get back to KL).  I am now officially in love with B&W film photography and can foresee doing this for the rest of my life.  It’s the ultimate stress therapy and the satisfaction that I got from the whole process from shooting to developing to scanning the images just blows my mind.  Its delirious.  Aahh. 

1.  Buildings

Right.  I am still not that creative when it comes to shooting buildings.  Cis.  I love old, abandoned buildings with much character and history, and somehow high rise buildings from the 70s and 80s are just not my cup of tea.  But never mind, I shoot also anyway.  I must learn.

Building 1

Tower in a tower.  Damn, I am bad at captions.

Building 2

Looks like Wayne Tower but shorter.

2.  Sze Ya Temple

Alright, I have to admit that temples are good places for average photographers to get decently impressive pics. Provided you meter properly la.  Plenty of highlights, shadows, light falls, smoke and exotic items to capture.   I am rather impressed with the HP5.  The tonal range of the film is amazing (for my standard), way better than any digital DSLR can do.  Seriously.


The Prayer.  Since I suffered the smoke, I must have at least 1 pic of smoke from the joss stick or whatever that was burning.

Temple 1

Light fall.  I waited for the centre court to be less crowded and took the shot when the opportunity came.  I love the pillars framing the center altar and the onion lantern balancing the ‘heavy’ ground.

Temple 2

This Indian man works at this counter that folds some yellow colored burning items.  Sorry, I dont know what that’s called.  After shooting only I realised there was a littel gal sleeping in front and I have ‘chopped’ her head.  Not a good scene.  Freaky actually.

3.  Street Signs

Ive always thought street signs are romantic stuff.  They change after a while when more dignitaries emerge (and dies), replacing the old names with possibly, a new facade as well.  Like, I dont see any Mat Salleh names anymore.  I’m sure there was, but now has been erased.  So I took two road signs that I happen to pass and notice.  Btw, I am nt a racist la, just ternampak these and thought it would be fun to shoot.

TanSiewSin Road

Tan Siew Sin Road. 

YapAhLoy Road

Broken but not Forgotten.

 This Way

There is No Way, But This Way.  Its such a strong way, let’s make it our way!  Sorry, suddenly thought of a song by Bryan Adams.  Can’t Stop This Thing We Started. I still love BA.  Best singer for me.

5.  Artistic/Creative

OK la, this also I have to give in.  I am naturally not that artistic person.  But I wouldnt say I am all that char la.  I’m still good, still learning to be good, at least.


Shoot.  I saw this grafitti and one of our photographers chimping just beside the grafitti.  So I quickly snapped this photo.  I love the er, reflection of the two subjects, one a sketch, unreal photographer in action, and the other, a real, living photographer taking photographs.

Broken Glass

Broken Glass. 




Sultan Perak


Used and Abandoned.


Bicycle Parking.

Alright, if you noticed the lack of captions in the last few photographs, it is because I have ran out of creative juices (not that I have much to begin with).  Anyway, to sum it all up, I had fun.  Photography is just wonderful.  You should try it.