Sunday, January 31, 2010

Welcoming The New Home For The Family

The old home was in dire straits, unmaintained and too crowded for all the kids to live in.  It was alright in the beginning, but like any DIY home, after a while, it turned into a shack.   So I decided that time is right to move them to a better place.



They all love it and there’s enough space for future expansions and the rest of the PnS gang!  Oh, and the Minimo could move in too, what a joy!


Cruel Angel said...

my dad has been coaxing me to buy one for my stuffs.

Tina K said...

Alan: buy la, its worth it. gives u piece of mind to knw that ur equipment are in good storage.

i got mine from a bulk order at RM 300 only. wht equipment u hv?

Elizabeth said...

Wow, your 'kids' got to live in an air conditioning environment too???