Monday, January 18, 2010

Don't Nag Me

* This is a whining and ranting post. Please exit if are like me, malas hear other people's disgruntlement*

I dont like to be nagged. Yes, I know I am quite stubborn, I am fickle, I am quite wild and seems out of control. And age is not at my side because I am relatively younger than *you* (yes, I am venting out about someone and its not related to anyone of u who are reading this, in case u r wondering who I am talking about). You may think that I dont know what I am doing but the truth is, I know and I am more exposed to the outside world than you are, who have been goody and sheltered all your life. Dont advice me on things that you think I should do, because I dont need another piece of your wisdom. I know your intention is good, but really, its not what I want. I dont want to be controlled based on your values.

Maybe I'm young and brash. True on that. But I am young only once, single only until a few more months, probably becoming a mum in a few more years time. Let me have some spice in my life so that when my kids grow older, I can tell them that their mum was a rocker when she was young (and not let daddy have all the glory of telling how hot he was, etc). And if they become rockers too, I can be cool enough to accept that.

So please, stop nagging me, asking me about me, and judge me based on what I do. I am sick of all these 'controls' and the moral standards that you think I should live up to.

I hope you are not offended by what I say. I know you dont know about this blog, so I am safe knowing that you will not know about this. I just dont want to hurt you by telling this to you, but I cannot keep it inside anymore.

*end of post*

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