Monday, October 25, 2010

I Can See Clearly Now The Rain Is Gone

Finally, finally, after a long wait, bosses ding-dongings and such, I am released from the Project and back to the Head Office.  Its been a week now and I am slowly enjoying the newfound freedom and life which I had been missing in the past 4 years that I was in the Project.  But I ain’t complaining, it wasnt that bad working at site.  I like the time flexibility (though we still have to clock in from 8am-5pm daily except Sun), the ‘family’ environment with other teammates,  the rowdy talks with the guys, the freedom to not have to wear formal to work,  freedom to surf the net, and best of all, the whole experience of seeing and being at the place where all the action takes place.  Yeah, it was good, but with that came a hell lot of stress, anger, frustrations, and emotional breakdowns when things dont go the way it should and my department gets screwed for it.  Sigh.  But again, I aint complaining.

In HQ there are a set of pros and cons too.  Really, its the same everywhere, it all depends what you weigh as more important or lesser of all evils in the world.

For me, the most tak best part is…I cant talk loud and there really isnt much common topics with my new colleagues!  They all speak Mandarin and some Canto ALL the time.  I speak none of those.  Their common topic is travelling and family, while my interest lies in real estate, investments, and photography!  So totally tak ngam! But they are nice people, so I just ‘um’, ‘yes’, ‘ok’ when a response is required of me.  Haih.

With Free Time Comes More Activities

I dont have to work on Saturdays anymore! This is good, there is so much that I can do on an extra off day like a Saturday!  I have been working 6 full days for the past 4 years, so having Saturdays off is like letting a kid loose in a candy store.  There’s just so much that I want to do!

1.  I can shoot more!  Yeah.  Coz most photo outings are organized on Saturdays, which I extremely geram because I had to work.

2.  I can take up cycling.  Speaking of which, I am seriously considering buying a Dahon folding bike for my leisure as well as for my future travels.   I used to cycle a lot when I was in school.  It would be great to get on the wheels again =)

3.  I am starting a new mini project this Saturday onwards.  But no details yet coz I don't want anyone to curi my idea ok ;p

Of course the hubby will be the happiest person because he doesn't have to spend the whole of Saturday home-bound by himself.

Rediscovering A New Zest Of Life?

Ah, I am already quite excited about the new found time for myself.  Of course there’s always the husband to factor in, but all in all, I do hope that it will not be that big of a factor that I have to compromise on my needs and wants.

Travelling seems more viable now.  The new job would require me to travel quite a bit (I hope at least 2 weeks in a month?), all paid by the company.  I have always envied those who can travel for work.  My previous job sucks in the sense that I was stuck in the same project for 4 years and did not travel much as I dont have enough leave to spend (Remember, Saturdays were working days, so I have to apply for leave even if its just to do some personal stuff on Saturday).  I want to see more of the world, and capture the essense of life outside my comfort zone.


Actually all these can be done with one thing – Time.  Too much of my time has been spent working my ass off, and so little for the things that I love.  It’s time for a change.  And I gladly take up the challenge, even with some major adjustments that I have to make.

Eh, this entry sounds very the formal and mature.  Promise you, the next will not be in this tone.  Solemn topics call for solemn writing style. 

Cest la vie!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Serenity of The Kitchen

Kitchen, the heart of a family.  The Chinese say that a family that eats together, stays together.  And so, we should always honor the kitchen.  No sofa in the lounge, never mind.  Without the plasma TV, still can survive.  But every kitchen must have a stove.  From the heat of the stove, comes warm, wholesome meal that bring every family member together.

So, in a lazy afternoon, not knowing what to do, I stared at the serenity of my kitchen, all calm and clean, with the cooking tools hanging beautifully on the rail, I thought, why not shoot the kitchen.  After all, I am supposed to go out, in the beauty of the morning, to shoot something but alas, didnt quite make it.


The stove, where a lot of goodness was created.


Pots, pans and a whole lot of ladles.


The spice bar.  Some are still in the fridge, yet to find a container for them.


Onions.  Its almost a staple ingredient in Asian cooking.   


Toasted belacan.  I love the fragrant that comes from cooked belacan.  Its wonderful, flavorful and compliments many local dishes.  Definitely one of my favourite ingredients.   

Saturday, August 28, 2010

[Linora] – Abandoned. Mysterious. Portraits.

I, for one, am not so much of a ‘portrait’ photographer.  Portraiture itself, to me, is a very deep and wide topic, and branches off to many, many types, understanding and views on what makes a good portrait and what is nothing but merely sexual exploitations.  As a serious hobbyist, I take every shot with conscience and very, very seriously.  Including portraitures.  After much debates, discussions and exchanging of thoughts (aloud and silently), I kinda know what is my cup of tea and what is not.

Which over time, I hope to develop my very own signature shots.

Now the shoot.  Linora is a friend of mine who is best known as the TV host of Bola@Mamak at Astro Supersports, the featured personality in the recent World Cup predictor, so-starred alongside Daphne Iking in ‘Belukar’ as well as acted in several local plays and theatres.  So when Shawn suggested we do a model shooutout, Lin came to my mind. 

We initially wanted to do something within the theme of ‘Vintage’ at an abandoned warehouse in Glenmarie.  But in the end, tak jadi as there were too many photographers, all wanting to have equal amount of time and poses from the model.  But still, we had a good time and I am glad that the pictures turned out pretty alright.










Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Food Is Love

These days I cook at home a lot.  Cooking for 2 persons is not easy, because we usually end up either tak cukup, or too much that we had to bring forward to the next day.  But it is fun and I enjoy whipping different dishes whenever I can.


Roasted vegetables.  Ingredients are pretty basic -  chopped pumpkins, capsicums and carrots, dressed with Worchestershire sauce, palm oil (coz I didn't have olive oil), garlic and some thyme. Oven roasted for about 30 mins or so. It turned up very well, better than I expected.  And healthy too.


Tomyam Pasta.  A very easy and delicious pan-asian recipe. I made 2 versions of it.  The first was, open a can of chilli tuna, add tomyam paste to the chilli tuna and cooked Spiralli, and bake in the oven for 15 mins.  Viola, its done.

The pic above is of the second version.  This one was pan-fried with beef, lots of tomyam paste, some chillies, onions, and spices.  And also, its fast, easy and tasty.  I love it.  It’s like Bolognaise but tomyam instead of the usual tomato based sauce.  Yum.


Having a husband who is Indian, I have no choice but to learn to cook Indian food.  Rasam, an Indian soup is good for the stomach, and I made a bitterguord dish with chapati.  It was a healthy meal, and everything turned out great.  Perhaps, except the chapati la.  I just can’t seem to get the right dough consistency and as a result, couldnt roll it into that nice, flat and round shaped chapati that we get in the shops.  But nevertheless, the taste was just as nice and we both enjoyed our home cooked indian dish very much.

That’s all for now.  I will cook more, for sure, but as for now, its 11.51pm and I need to sleep. Cooking is fun and I will post up more entries on my culinary adventures!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Sometimes The Gambar Tak Jadi

Sometimes I shoot crappy stuff.  Or rather, most of the time I shoot crappy stuff.  Today, I am posting up some of those tak berapa jadi ones so that my film, effort, time and chemicals were not used up in vain on pics that will probably live in the archives of my hard disk.

Also because I am tired, shoulders stiff and at 8.00pm, I am still working my a** on this new tender.  I need some form of break, apart from Facebook which is flooded with World cup and sotong Paul comments.

Since these pics are so darn crappy and utterly meaningless and useless, I will not blow it big, and will not spend time editing or adding my watermark also.


Seashells, hermit crabs and homecoming. 


Lost bouy by the beach.


World Cup Big Screen


Buggy Come Home.


This is a classic example of ‘watch ur background’.

Monday, July 05, 2010

Monitor Not Calibrated? Yours Or Mine?

The last time I calibrated my monitor was 2 years ago. At least it was calibrated before. But lately, I find that the monitor is starting to play tricks on me, so much so that I'd rather trust my instincts that my naked eyes.

And again, recently, a friend just right smack told me that my Black and White are ugly because all look so black. Eh, but in my laptop monitor, they look fine. Bright with enough contrast and details at the right place. But then, I cant blame her because in my office CRT monitor, the images are too dark too. FYI, the CRT is totally for office use and never was calibrated before.

So the best judge in this situation is to get that Spyder thing that could restore my confidence in photo editing and photography as a whole. Then I can tell those who think that my photos are 'not bright enough', or not 'colourful enough' that its THEIR monitors that are lousy.

Yes, photography is really an expensive hobby is u r serious into it.

Friday, July 02, 2010

Silent Moment a fellow comrade whose passing came so sudden late last night.

My condolence to his family members. We will always remember him as the crazy phychotic guy who used to greet us with a loud 'hi' every morning. And also, for being part of our drinking gang.


Thursday, July 01, 2010

Vintage Garden Wedding in Black & White

Adeline & John Mark are good friends to us. We (Josh & I) know them separately for quite a while now, but somehow, through some twist of fate (highly suspicious was the work of the Great Matchmaker), they got together and were recently married to each other in a beautiful, vintage-themed garden wedding.

Well garden weddings have its pros and cons, but theirs was a wonderful one – the weather was perfect, the turnout was great and overall, it was an enjoyable affair.

Not to mention the free flow of wine. Ah.

Photographic data:

Nikon FE2 + 28mm f3.5 (I think the sensor was dusty, need some servicing soon lah)

HC110, 20degrees, 5 mins

Ilford stopper 1 min

Ilford rapid fixer, 5b min

Canon 8800F








Happily Ever After. The end of the wedding, the beginning of the marriage. May God bless them both with many blessings and little Anthoa-s. =)

The Games at Kuantan

One thing that I love about my employer is, there are many staff activities that all staff can participate.  Like the Regional Games that happens once in 2 years.  It’s like the inter-Group Olympics and everybody anticipates the arrival of the Games.

This time around, the Games was held in Kuantan and hosted by our Port division.  Like the previous installation at Sandakan, I was one of the official (but unpaid) photographer for the event.  But unlike in Sandakan, I now have more mean gears AND a zoom lens that goes till 200mm with VR.  Very useful for sports.  And also, a flashgun. 

Here are a small selection of photos from the Games that I like.  Mostly shot at F8 ISO 400 (except the indoor games at F5.6 ISO 1600 + flash i thk was 1/16)

1.  Golf



I personally love this sand bunker shot.  Just secukup rasa of man, sand, ball and the club, and on time to freeze the sand.


Some artistic try of golf without man.

2.  Volleyball

Volleyball is (and has always been) by far, the most watched and happening game in the Games.  Scores of supporters from various divisions would flock by the courts and cheer for their teams.


I  love this shot though the camera did not focus on where I intended it to be.  But nevertheless, still an achievement for me.


Barricade blockers.


Speedy Spiker. I was shooting at 1/250 and this guy was faster than my shutter speed?? Foosh.  DOnt know what these Sabahans eat.  Seriously, they are mighty strong.  Beats us all Peninsula people.


Supporters.  Not sponsored by Carlsberg tho.

3.  Pool

Shooting anything indoors is damn difficult.  Low lights, my camera is not capable of reaching that high ISO without decent amount of noise.


Portrait of a snooker player.  After several tries with many angles, it finally clicked on me that all the while I had been doing it wrong.  It is not impossible to get a professional looking portrait of the player provided you know where  to place the camera.  Ah, another acheivement for me.


Intensity.  Snooker is a bit like golf, needs concentration and strategising.

4.  Netball

Honestly, I very the benci netball.  I can’t play and I am bad with team games.  Maybe I am not brutal enough to whack and snatch and fight for balls.  Sigh.


Since I hate netball, not much caption to write here, except that I shot this while dispensing my duty as a photographer. 

5.  Touch Rugby

Ooh la la.  Me likey watch rugby, live or on TV.  Though in the Games, we only had touch rugby, but still it was an interesting game to watch.  Even though I was not on duty to shoot rugby, but nevertheless I still took some because it is just such as waste not to have any pictures of this beautiful game!


Lucky the camera focus was spot on the right person, this time. 

So thats all for now about the Games.  I have over a thousand shots of the Games, but due to space, I only put up these few that I really like.  The rest, hmm, I guess there’s no where you can see it lah.  Unless you have my company portal =)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Malas-ness Kicked In

Ah, how fast June flies. I remember ranting about how exciting June would be and now, its already towards the end.

I hope there will be the much anticipated, much rumoured bonus at the end of the month. *cross fingers*

Work has been hectic. Like mad. I'm brain-jammed now, that's why I'm blogging during office hours. The project ain't gonna end any soon, I must accept that fact now. But nevermind, the battle continues and I will survive.

A new job wont harm, though *grins*

Been away from home and office almost every weekend. The kitchen is in a mess. The husband isnt very good in housekeeping.

Was in Kuantan last weekend for the company Regional Games. It's the most anticipated event that happens once in 2 years. Time flies, the last one in Sandakan was still fresh in my mind. This time around, I was again, the official photographer. But this time around, I have much better gears (in Sandakan, I was only using the K100D Pentax with kit lens and no flash) and have improved a lot since the days of the Pentax. I'll post some tonight, in a separate entry.

Test drove a Triton and a Pajero. I like high and mighty cars. Fear me, O puny cars on the road! Haha. Will write about it when I have the time.

Pudu Prison is gone forever. I can never shoot it anymore. I feel sad for it and for myself. Ashamed too, for not having the time to really walk down the prison walls to shoot this heritage building. I always have the passion for old buildings, but this one, is such a waste. And regretful for me.

I better do the Pekeliling Flats soon before they are gone as well. Any photo kakis around to go with me?

Football fever has hit home. I hope Germany beats England in the next game. I shall remain silent on why I seem to be against England but just to say, its for the ego and some materials that might be gone forever if England reaches to the Finals.

That's all. Ngam-ngam 5 mins to update the blog. Spewing everything out is good. Like pissing a great waterfall after holding for 5 hours. Aaahh.

Monday, June 07, 2010

Countdown to The World Cup

While millions of football fans await impatiently for the world’s biggest game, I for one, am joining the crowd to welcome the World Cup, scheduled to commence this weekend.  I am still very much a noob in anything football, and I am still supporting Germany solely because they have the best looking players around and their theme color gels with me.  Also, because I have the real Goleo softtoy in my car.  Hehe.

But this time around, I have something more in mind than to watch the games with my new LCD tv. 

I am going to start a new photography project on the World Cup.  I already have a picture to kickstart the season, and have more ideas in mind.  Cross fingers and wish me all the best in nailing those shots!

Watch this space (and my facebook) for updates!


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

It's Almost June!

Time flies sooooo fast. It's almost June now! 6 months has passed and another 6 months to go before the year ends.

I dont know if its just me, but, don't you feel that time passes even faster as you age? I mean, when I was schooling, one year took forever to end before I graduated from school, into Form 6, then 3 years in Uni and finally, FINALLY free from the tortures of exams and misery of memorising facts just to pass the papers. But now that I am no longer a student (in the formal education per se) and part of the faithful tax-paying workforce, time moves so fast. I've been working for 4 years already although I felt like I am still quite fresh from uni.

And I have completed my compulsory service to the company.

Perhaps, because everyday is a routine, the brain is fused to 'count' time on a weekly basis. So instead of looking at 365 days, I look at 52x2 (Sat & Sun) = 104 days only. Mon-Fri = 1 block so tak kira. Maybe the brain has aged and is incapable of separating short spare time in the form of 'after-office hours' from the normal hours at work. Maybe.

Looking at my schedule for the coming months, I am packed and every weekend is booked for some event or another. Its not a bad thing la, after all, this brings colour to my life. Thinking back, I shouldn't be complaining coz I know there are people out there who live by themselves, away from family, don't have many close friends and whose lives just revolve around work and nothing else. Quite a sad state actually. Thank God I am put in that kind of position. I'll be crazy.

Anyway, what I'm trying to say is, well, i also forgot. Happy Wesak Day to all Buddhists and happy holiday to all those who are benefitting from the Wesak Day holiday. For me and those kesian people who have to work, erm, happy working (though I don't think it will be such).

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Whoa, Pac Man!

I was pleasantly surprised to find Pac Man at Google's front page. It's so cute and reminds me of the days when I used to play Pac Man in the school computer lab. Those were the days before the 3.5 inch floppy discs came into picture and waaaay before the thumb drive even existed.

Ooh, and the syiok thing is, you can actually play Pac Man on the Google Page. How sweet! =)

Happy 30th Anniversary Pac Man! If it wasnt for Google, I wouldnt have realised it has been thiiiisss old, man.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Belukar - Filem Lokal

Foosh, I never watch THREE movies in a week in my entire life! I must have been crazy to spend so much on movies in a week!

Wed- IP Man 2..Oh, I was on MC and it was movie day. So forgiven ;p
Thur - Robin Hood. It's the opening la...Moreover I have not watched any English movie in the cinema for a very long time. So forgiven ;p
Sun - Belukar...erm...A friend acted in it can I not support her, kan? So forgiven also lor.. ;p

Alright, honestly, if it wasnt because a friend acted in it (no, not Daphne Iking), and it was her debut, I probably wouldn't spend RM 11 on a Saturday night (and subsequent RM 7 for parking at BTS) to watch a local movie. Not that I dont support local stuff la, I didnt even borther watching the award-winning-critically acclaimed Sepet, what more any other local movies. Eh, I memang teruk OK. But if its free, I dont mind la. Cicak Man was blardy entertaining and stupidly funny. Pontianak Harum was so scary I think it can be setaraf with Indon horror films (remember the 80s puntianal movie with Nur Kumalasari? Damn scary wei) and definitely better than those lame Singaporean movies.

So anyway, Belukar is NOT really a Malay movie (like Remp-It, and those Saiful Apek stuff), it is more of a Malaysian movie. The setting was in Sabah, starring non Malays, but has a good blend of Malaysian-ness to it. Like speaking in Bahasa Malaysia and lots of locally composed Malay songs. Nice. I'm not an expert in cinematography or whatever graphy la, but coming from some photography background, I'd say, it is very Indie and Lomo-ish. Blue and green tint with some 'rusty' effect to it. Nice. Very artsy. A good change from the usual 'sharp and clear' frames.

The storyline, however, was not so nice. Too messy to my liking. Like reading those stupid story books that end a scene at one page, and to continue, you must go to 18 pages later. Then flip back to 5 pages before. Than to page 25. Then back to page 2. Itu macam. Very the konfius. In the end, I also dont know what was happening. I like straightforwarded movies. Like Robin Hood. There's a flow. And its easy to understand. My brain just dont want to think when it comes to entertainment. However, on rare occasions, the brain could work, but for this one, it just went "whatever la"..

So that was my opinion on the movie. Otherwise its is a "watchable" movie. Would I pay RM 11? NO! RM10? Nope. RM7, yeah, maybe. But for the sake of supporting a friend, RM 11 is OK la. At least I'm not paying for some lawak bodoh movie, kan?

No Thomas This Year

First, I dont normally watch sports, more so games like badminton. But it was the Thomas Cup, and was aired LIVE from our very own Bukit Jalil Stadium! How can I not watch it? Besides the husband is all fired up to watch the games so I pun tumpang la.

Msia, of course, was not expected (though we all hoped) to win the Cup. They all played well and good, but really, still not up to the level of the opponents, particularly China. Though many may hate Lin Dan, but seriously, putting personal vendetta aside, I think he is a blardy damn good player. He's like the Roger Federer of Badminton (during the reign of Roger, before the emergence of three-quarter-pants Nadal). No, "good" doesnt do him justice. "Great" is the word. And he is very confident with himself. Perhaps that's why he IS the best.

Now our team consists of some pretty familiar faces. Of course we have so many No 1 titles but why do we still lose? I dont have an answer. But I think we need new players. We must be really desparate to still put Wong Choong Han to play as 2nd singles. Apa ni. He was good lah, but he should be retiring by now. How can a 35year old man pitch against a 21 year old opponent? Msia must start training new people or we will eventually be phased out totally from future Thomas Cups because of no participant. Even our Dato Lee pun dah 29 years old.

Anyway, me no expert to comment on the technicalities of the game. But at least, racism has not contaminated the spirit of the game, and this is a very plausible thing. Many things in our country *you know and I know* always have some elements of *quota* but I am glad, badminton is not one of those. And none of the players played as "Chinese", "Malay" or whatever races, they fought as one..Malaysians. This, I truely appreciate.

OK la, let's not harbor past disappointments. I hope that our team can make it to the Finals next time around. Perhaps I would forget to watch even!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Robin Hood

*Image again, curi-ed from some website

I've a confession here. First, I NEVER read the story book. Or even if I did, I cannot recall how the story goes. But doesnt matter, because this movie is like the prequel to ALL Robin Hood movies that we have seen so far. Its like Batman Begins. So this is Robin Hood Begins.

I am not going to eloborate more on the story, lest I spilled some beans and spoil your appetite to watch the movie. But what's a movie review without some spoilers la, rite? ;p

So Robin Hood was an archer with the English military (don't think that is the right term but since I'm no historian, what the heck la) and through some twist of fate he and his friends managed to escape death, entangled with the royal and government affairs, became allies with the King of England, then subsequently stole the king's thunder and was outlawed by the King.

See, short and sweet, no spoilers huh? Hehe.

I think this is a good movie to watch, if you are into war, medieval, history (like me) and Russel Crowe (not really a fan). Somehow, this movie has some uncanny resemblence to...Gladiator? Geez. Underdog became hero and later outclassed by some king. Same same, no? But not to be confused, one is English, the other Roman.

So my verdict is a 7/10. Not bad a movie lah, seriously.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Ip Man 2

Having some free time for myself, which is very, very rare, I decided to make full use of the day instead of staying home, sleeping the whole day, and mourning the pain of my lower back. So I went to watch a movie. Woohoo. And its a Wednesday so its cheaper! Double Woohoo.

*Image curi-ed from GSC website. Sorry for low-res.

And I chose to watch Ip Man 2. I kept calling the movie I.P. Man that the ticket counter girl also wondered what I was talking about. Its Ip Man (pronounced eep mun, not ai pi man ok), haha.

The movie was overall good lah, about Ip Man (Donnie Yen) who just moved to Hong Kong after the Japanese occupation and wanted to start a martial arts school. Then the usual story line lah, the Brits’ top boxer wanted to challenge the Chinese, and eventually Ip Man defeated the guy in public and saved the face of the Chinese. Actually this story line is the same for all Kung Fu masters’ movies, I think Wong Fei Hong and the other guy, Fok something something also had a movie which went exactly the same and ended, also almost exactly the same.

But, I’m not quick to shun this movie. I hardly watch chinese flicks, only those with the following elements:

1. Historical, especially war related. Because I love old buildings and learning the lifestyle and environment of people in the past. Damn, I think I watched Ip Man because it revolves around a real person living in a real time, some time ago.

2. Nilai-nilai murni especially those that brings out the semangat nationalisme di kalangan bangsa cina. Though I dont consider China my home country (coz I am fourth generation Malaysian, both sides), but still, watching their fighting spirit and will to survive just melts me. Somehow la. But then again, too much of good values can bore me, which in the case of Ip Man, is just right. Aww..

3. Realistic. I hate those colourful bombs, moving segments of mountains and laser emitting old bitches striking trees and piercing boulders. A bit of flying here and there and fast punches are OK la.

So if all three elements come together, its a ‘watchable’ movie for me. So, if you like to learn more about post war China (and HK for that matter), do watch this movie. Would I pay RM 10 for it? Yeah, why not. RM11? Erm. But RM 7 on a Wednesday? Yesssss! Give a miss to all the other ‘phek yau’ (gangster) movies, put on some intellectual mind and watch this movie. Its Ip Man 2.

Masjid Jamek & KL Walkabout

The B&W gang roamed the streets of KL again!  This time, I brought my newly acquired FE2 but still was using the HP5 film simply because it was the cheapest of all rolls that I have and I am more confident developing it by myself.

After hours of trying to get the film into the spool, an almost broken film picker, and finally resolved by whacking the reel, forgetting the scissors and bermacam-macam lagi mishaps, I finally managed to develop this roll.  Phew.  Turned out better than  I expected actually.  Thought I had blown it all!

Nikon FE2, Ilford HP5, HC110 6 min @ 27deg, Ilford Rapid Stopper 1 min, Ilford Fixer 5min.  All agitation done every 30sec.

No PP done except for the two pic that have a black border.




Last call…


The sun is always shining..


KTM Admin office viewed from The Station Heritage Hotel.  Classic Moorish architecture.




Tembikar (Pottery) at Dayabumi Complex. 


Arrival of the long awaited bus..


The pillars of Masjid Jamek (the mosque, not the LRT station)


Pillars of Wisdom.  Shadows on the floor.

Overall, I enjoyed myself and made a few good friends!  Photography is always wonderful because not only it gives me satisfaction and pleasure to trigger the shutter button, it also opens me to a new world of meeting likeminded people.

I cant wait for the next outing to I-city.  Yes, that place has been shot to death, BUT, this time, we’re doing Black & White!  How’s that for a change? ;p