Monday, December 28, 2009

Some Random Shots

..while awaiting for proper, written entries here.

I’m sorry dear readers who have been faithfully visiting this blog but have been disappointed more often than not.

Many happenings in my life, and the people around me, so much so that I hardly even have time for myself, what more for the blog.

So anyway, please look see look see the random shots I took in the past couple of months.  No meaning, no title, no objective.  Just click and snap what I see.  So technically, or artistically, the shots may not be at best.


The Rail.  Dont Jump.  Life Is Precious.


Ceiling and Christmas.


Tropical Float.


Ancient Glory, Forgotten Today. 


On The Boulevard of Broken Dreams.


The Day Will Come, When My Stump Shall Again Emerge and Glory Be Restored.


On The White Line, The Leaf Stands.


On a separate note, I tried some CLS (creative lighting system) with 1 Nikon SB600 and my built-in flash as the commander.  Since I couldn’t find a model, my handphone pun boleh la.


Cant remember the setting la.  I placed the SB600 as slave somewhere at the back of the handphone, around 10 feet away.  Front lighting by the built in flash, probably at 1/16. 


Same model, different setting, different angle. 

CLS is fun!  I shall experiment more with human models when I can find one!

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