Sunday, September 06, 2009

Searching For That Elusive Curry Puff

I have heard, for a very long time, that the Genting Casino has more than just the roulette tables, poker, the pre-programmed jackpots and old uncles and aunties gambling by the thousands.

Kononnya, the curry puff there, is damn nice.  And so I went there, in search of that curry puff, to bust/confirm the myth of the legendary Casino Curry Puff, let’s call it CCP, OK?

The first casino that I went, was the one at First World.  That was the smaller of the two casinos at Genting.  I headed to the cafe.  Tarak curry puff pun.  Never mind, I thought, there must be more makan places in the casino.  Yes, there were two other refreshments corner, but none serve curry puff.

The curry puff is being elusive.  Hmm. 

So I left that first world casino to the bigger one at Genting Hotel (I think so).  Damn it was quite far.  It’s bigger, meaner and has a proper name to it, called Casino de Genting.  Walau, like in The Godfather pulak, got Italian name.  Kekeke.

After a long walk and having to endure the crowd and ciggies smoke, I found a small refreshment corner.  As I approached the counter, I had the feeling that the CCP is there.  It has to be.  I could sense its aura.

And true enough, I was right.  It was there, waiting for me!  


I took a bite.

It tasted…. biasa only.  Not bad, but nothing great either.

So the legendary CCP is just a hoax to get non-gambler-foodies to come over to the casino.  Geez.  But at RM 1.50+ only, it is a good buy and is considered one of the cheapest food item one could find in Genting. 

My heart is now at peace knowing that I have tasted the famous CCP.  Hahahahaha. 

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