Tuesday, September 29, 2009

28.7% Body Fat???


Dei, how come la??  I have ideal weight, ideal BMI but high fat percentage.  At least, if its at border line, its not so bad la.  This is beyond the range.  Want to get markah kesian also cannot.  Sigh.

I shall work out all the fats and we shall see the results again, in 2 months time.  In the meantime, if you guys want to check out your body BMI, blood pressure and fat index, do head down to 1Utama Old Wing (near Jusco); there is a vending machine that does all this for a minimal cost of RM2.  Yes, we now have that in Malaysia.  Canggih, kan? Hehe.

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Searching For That Elusive Curry Puff

I have heard, for a very long time, that the Genting Casino has more than just the roulette tables, poker, the pre-programmed jackpots and old uncles and aunties gambling by the thousands.

Kononnya, the curry puff there, is damn nice.  And so I went there, in search of that curry puff, to bust/confirm the myth of the legendary Casino Curry Puff, let’s call it CCP, OK?

The first casino that I went, was the one at First World.  That was the smaller of the two casinos at Genting.  I headed to the cafe.  Tarak curry puff pun.  Never mind, I thought, there must be more makan places in the casino.  Yes, there were two other refreshments corner, but none serve curry puff.

The curry puff is being elusive.  Hmm. 

So I left that first world casino to the bigger one at Genting Hotel (I think so).  Damn it was quite far.  It’s bigger, meaner and has a proper name to it, called Casino de Genting.  Walau, like in The Godfather pulak, got Italian name.  Kekeke.

After a long walk and having to endure the crowd and ciggies smoke, I found a small refreshment corner.  As I approached the counter, I had the feeling that the CCP is there.  It has to be.  I could sense its aura.

And true enough, I was right.  It was there, waiting for me!  


I took a bite.

It tasted…. biasa only.  Not bad, but nothing great either.

So the legendary CCP is just a hoax to get non-gambler-foodies to come over to the casino.  Geez.  But at RM 1.50+ only, it is a good buy and is considered one of the cheapest food item one could find in Genting. 

My heart is now at peace knowing that I have tasted the famous CCP.  Hahahahaha.