Monday, August 31, 2009

Thinking Things Over

For the longest time ever, I took 2.5 days off to unwind and recalibrate my mind and soul.  Things that came to light recently, which I shall maintain shush about it, and some other stuff need some shaking off from weight of my brain.  I am tired.  So I went home, back to the mountains, the rain and the cozy weather of Taiping.  Oh, and the local food too.

And I had time to write and rethink of what I want in life and to prepare myself mentally, for the things that are to come in the near future.  I need to flush the unforgiveness in my heart so I can open up to accept the wrongdoings as a past and not harbor any hatred towards another person.  It is important to me, to be at peace with people, even though I may be the person who was wronged.

Misty Maxwell

The clouds must go.  If it stays, you’ll never know how high you can go, what lies behind the mountain.  The rain has passed, the clouds are clearing, and so, I must move on.

God, give me the strength and wisdom to carry on.  And yes, walk with me. 

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