Monday, August 31, 2009

The New Hotel In Town

There’s a spanking new hotel at the lake gardens which is setting the sleepy town abuzz.  It’s called Flemington Hotel, and I’d say, though it is yet another 3 star hotel in Taiping, the decor and concept is way better than any other hotels in town and even, Ipoh *ahem*. 

Oh, and they have a skybar too, which is beside the pool.  The  idea of having an open air rooftop bar is plausible, but unfortunately, the lake gardens are not lighted at night, so nothing can be seen from there.  But still, I like the open concept.  And the flat screen TVs too.  Good for football nights with beer.  =)

Flemington Lobby Lounge 01_filtered

The lobby lounge. 

Flemington Lobby Lounge 02_filtered

The lobby lounge from another perspective.

Flemington Skybar 01_filtered

The skybar.  OK, I confess, I forgot to set the ISO to the minimum, and went straight on shooting with slow shutter at ISO 640 and the image suffered some severe noise problem.  But thank goodness NeatImage came to the rescue, albeit a faint effort and some loss of sharpness in some areas. 

Flemington Swimming Pool 01_filtered

The pool.

Flemington Swimming Pool 02_filtered

The pool view from the skybar.

Flemington Swimming Pool 03_filtered

The poolside.

I did not take other parts of the hotel due to time and other constraints.  Perhaps another time.  Maybe I can saja-saja book a night there and have a feel of the room and service of the hotel.  Keke.

4 comments: said...

Do you have contact number of that hotel-"Flemington Hotel Taiping"

Anonymous said...

Contact number is 605-820 7777

John said...

I just got it too.
It is 05-820 7777

Tina K said...

wow, guys, this is great. i have been trying to locate the flyer that i took from the hotel but i think i might have thrown it away. hence, couldnt give the contact number.