Monday, August 31, 2009

Merdeka and 1Malaysia

In a week’s time, we will be celebrating another yet another year of freedom from the British rule.  In many ways, I wouldnt say that having being ruled by the British was a bad thing, of course there were a few bad eggs here and there, but generally, I think we must not forget that it was them who brought trade, education and public facilities to the country and in peace, we asked and they gave us our independence.  So it is wrong to hate the British masters for what they did to us, but rather we should look back and recognize that it was part of our nation’s history and heritage, for better or worst.  And we should also appreciate the works of our dear Tunku for negotiating independence from the Brits.  God’s timing is always good, and He has carved the path for our nation into where it is now.  Yes, despite the few rumours of murder and scandals.  It is not our calling to judge, only to vote and pray for the nation.

Anyway, our new Prime Minister, who has been in office for a few months already, has coined a new theme for the country, called 1Malaysia, or Satu Malaysia.  If this 1Malaysia is the idea that I have about being one nation, then I think I will like this new theme very much.  As for the implementation, it is a different question altogether but let’s give our PM the benefit of doubt and let him run the course before judging on the effectiveness of this 1Malaysia thing.

I would like to see our countrymen living as one, no Malay, no Chinese, no Indian, no dan lain-lain.  When we tell others who we are, we don’t refer to ourselves as Chinese, or Malay, but rather, we are  Malaysian.  I want to see the day that Malays no longer feel intimidated of the Chinese for their growing wealth, the Chinese no longer feel suspicious that the Malays are going to Islamize their children and their culture will be lost, and the Indian no longer feel marginalised and left out in the social and economic world.  I want my future children to play field football and climb trees with Ali, Ah Chong, Arul and Alan, and not only stick to their own race. 

Also, I would want our people to be matured enough to decide for themselves on sensitive issues and not be swayed blindly and easily by the flaming words of the Government, or the Opposition.  Politics can be dirty, but we should not get entranced in supporting one side so much that we trash the good of the other side.  Focus should be on the deed, not the doer.  I would want to see both parties stop their petty arguments on ‘look what I found in your dirty closet’, ‘it was them who did it’,’come jump over to my party’ etc etc, and start to work together for the benefit of the people.   Mat Rempits are still ruling the streets.  Snatch thefts and daylight robbers are still roaming housing estates, still not enough street lights and there are still, many people living in poverty.  So much to do, yet nobody is doing it.  What is justice, fighting on the streets for so-called ‘freedom’, or freeing your fellow neighbors from the fears of criminals?   

Lastly, I want to see Malaysia being a fair country where everybody wants to live here and feel safe raising their kids in this land.  I have too many friends who have migrated overseas because other countries are more ‘condusive’ to live and have better prospects for their children.  While I am tempted to follow suit, I felt that my heart is not ready to leave the country.  This is home.  And I want fellow Malaysians to feel like home too.  I hope with 1Malaysia, things will change for the better.

Selamat Hari Kemerdekaan.  Hidup Malaysia and God bless our country!

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