Friday, August 21, 2009

I Miss The Good Old Days


Suddenly, I feel emo and sentimental after listening to too much of ‘Better’ by Boyzone and ‘Over You’ by Daughtry.  And a little uninspired to write. 

And I remembered during one of the boring and dreggy staff meetings, I drew a picture of my late grandparents house at Kampung Sultan, Kampar.  Beautiful wooden link houses with zink roof and cast iron grilles at the window.  Back then, balik kampung would mean going over to their place, which I really looked forward to as a kid.  The place has since been taken back by the Government and redeveloped, and kong kong and popo also had left us.  Though things have change, the fond memories I had at the house at Kampung Sultan, including the noisy Indian neighbour who blasts Tamil songs during Chinese New Year, the little tadpoles that I used to play with in the water tank (JBA water source was slow, so kong kong and neighbours would harness the water from the mountain for cleaning purposes), the open air kitchen, the faraway toilet with no lights at night, and of course, my late popo’s stir fry prawns, will never leave my memory.   If only I took up photography from young, I would have been able to preserve some images to show my children’s children how a kampung looks like. 

Do you have a kampung to remember?

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