Tuesday, August 18, 2009

G.I Joe – No Spoilers (I Hope!!)

Only few words to describe how the movie was:

1.  Boring.  Damn, what was it about again?  The main actor wasnt good looking, so are the chics.  The only guys I remember now are the Imhotep guy whose name failed to register in my mind after so many installations of The Mummy, and a Wayan brother, whose first name also, did not stick to my memory at all.  Yes, the lineup was boring, the storyline was nothing great and the ending to it…also nothing of substance. 

2.  Nonsensical.  The weapons are way too futuristic to the point that it defies every aspect of logic.  I didnt get what the whole war was all about, and I cant even figure what era was this whole thing supposed to set in.  Also, what has the 1600 introduction got to do with the movie?  Sure it explains the ancestry of this James McCullen (you’ll know who he is when you watch, he’s the villain) but I really dont see the relevance of showing this part at all. 

3.  Overboard.  Having some salt in our food is good, but adding too much of it makes the food awful.  That was exactly how I felt about this movie.  The weapons were ugly, which is still an understatement btw.  Fugly was more like it, big, heavy, overly powerful and same colour.  The space ship-cum-plane looks like a bastard son of a father cicak and mother dugong, the underwater base camp reminds me of Futurama and the super suit looks like something from ‘Hancock’ (movie by Will Smith).  The fighting scenes were just pure kicking, punching and shooting, until I also dont know what was going on and why the fights went on for eternity.  Blah.


So overall, this is my review on the movie.  Please, I am not complaining, just writing what I feel about it.  You may disagree with me but this is what I feel.  My verdict is a one and a half star out of five; though I did not enjoy the movie, but at least, it is better than watching one of those sucky Korean/Singapore horror flicks, or Hong Kong slapstick movies.

Bwt, just in case you are wondering what G.I Joe stands for, well, it is Government Issue Joe (yeah, sounds lame, I know).  And yes, they have ancestries from Hasbro and Marvel comics as well (like Transformers).  Go watch it, if you have nothing else to watch now.  Otherwise, just save that hard earned RM11 and get yourself a good meal instead.

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Elizabeth said...

Wow, THAT bad ah... I thought of watching it in the cinema. Nvm, I think I'll wait for the DVD :). Thanks for the review!