Thursday, August 06, 2009

Beam Launching 21 June 2009

For the benefits of those who do not have any inkling of what ‘beam launching’ is all about, I shall take the liberty to explain, in my own words, what is it and what’s so great about it.

Beam launching is, as the name suggests, is the launching of a section of a beam, or a whole beam, depending on the size and requirement.  In my case, it was the whole beam, weighing a massive 9.8tonnes (slightly lighter than Optimus Prime, hehe), and being hoisted all the way up to where it should sit permanently at Level 24, using two tower cranes.  The coordination of the cranes were crucial, and many a times, one crane moved faster than the other, causing the beam to tilt dangerously.  But thank God, there was no untoward incident.  This beam was made of structural steel, and is part of the structure for our skybridge. 

OK, back to the event.  So I was quickly assumed as the official photographer simply because I have a DSLR, with a long lens that looks damn pro (actually it was only the Nikon 55-200 which I bought for RM600? hehe), and with the SB600 and the Bagman bag.  Pressure, you know, but the good thing about being the ‘most professional looking photog with style’ is, people actually make way for me to shoot! Haha.


One of our Bangladeshi signalman.  Signalmen are the ‘eyes and ears’ of the tower crane operators.  The communicate with each other with walkie talkie.




Workers fixing the slings to the beams.


The arrival….at Level 24.  The background is Jalan Ampang.


Pulling into position.  The beam is still suspended, just in case any of you are wondering.



Watching…and waiting.


Bolt to place..


Techies discussing tech side of the beam.


Screw it with care. Ha.


Another angle of the bolt.


After bolt, lagi must weld.  I took approximately 20 numbers of welding pictures, but only few turned out well.   Some were a little too dramatic to most people’s liking.  Hence, I will edit them another time.




Working on the suspended beam.  Takutnyer! 


  Sitting, waiting.  On the beam, that is.  At Level 24 with NOTHING below.  But these guys are experts, they are used to work at height.

Yup, these are my selected few images on that day.  I have another album, and lots more still in RAW, but due to time constraint, I will leave them at where they are.


So kesimpulannya, there is no kesimpulan to this series, but a record of what occured on that day.  Working in the construction line may be tiring and stressful, but the site is a goldmine for photography, and I am still learning how to make eye-catching images at my workplace.  In the meantime, please do comment, and drop by my fotopic gallery at  Goodnight. 

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