Saturday, July 18, 2009

Packing For Tomorrow

1.  Camera – Checked

2. Main lens – 18-70mm, clean, attached properly to camera – Checked

3. Secondary lens – 55-200mm, clean – Checked

4.  Memory cards available – 4G main and all the rest as spares – Checked

6.  Battery charged –Checked.  Spare battery also charged – Checked

7.  Battery grip attached to camera – Checked.

8.  SB600 – batteries and spares charged – Checked

9.  Diffusers – Phottix omnibounce and DIY bouncecard – Checked

10.  Cleaning kit – Checked

11.  Spare cameras – Panasonic Lumix and Olympus – Checked.

12.  Road direction to CK’s house – Checked

That’s all?  I hope.  Now, I need to pray that the photos will turn out fine tomorrow for CK’s wedding.  And yes, I’m the unofficial official photographer for the day.  I’m no pro, just doing a favor for a friend.  Cross fingers and hope for the best!

Nite.  I need to sleep.  Gonna be a long day tomorrow.

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