Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ian Wright Taught Me Something On TV Today

A quote from Ian Wright about modelling

“ You must feel confident that you are good looking and that your looks is worth taking pictures of’

Something like that.  I couldnt agree more.  Perhaps that’s why I am always behind the viewfinder rather than the view to be found.  Because deep down, I dont think I am that good looking, and I dont think that my looks would worth a keeper’s shot.  No, this is not a depressing moment entry, so no need to pujuk me and all that.  Of course I am good looking, but just not thaaaat good looking to be posing like a model lar.

So why am I writing this?  Because, in case I fall in love with ‘shoot leng lui over the weekend’ type of photography, or the higher end ‘fashion shoot that makes money’, I will remember a tip that would bring out the best in the model – to drill in her that her looks is worth every of my shutter count.   

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