Saturday, June 20, 2009


1.  Yes, I know I have beeen doing the Chipsmore thing again.  I’ve been extremely busy with work and family with mum visiting us in the past couple of weeks and I had to accompany her after work so she wouldn't feel neglected, and then with Joshua back from the rigs I must spend some time with him, and thus, I am left with very, very little time for myself to juggle between editing my photos, shooting, AND reading that T. Harv Eker’s Secret of the Millionaire Mind.  Aaaahhh.  I sometimes wished that I am a school teacher or a rich tai tai so at least I get my quality 10 hours to do the things that I want.

Alright, enough of my rants.  =)  So it’s a Saturday night, and I am alone.  Sounds sad but really, I actually enjoy it because I get to do what I want. Yaey!

2.  Watching TV.  The idiot box is really no idiot.  It’s your best friend on a lonely weekend night.  I saw ‘Project NS’ on 8TV last night, for those who do not know what is it, well, its a reality TV show about life at the National Service camp with local celebrities like Suki (that One In A Million girl), Daniel Daneilla (an actress?) and another guy called Alif?  I cant remember because tak femes sangat, keke.  Although much had been said about our National Service, mostly negative news, but from the show, I dont think that the whole NS thing is that bad after all.  The kids there do lots of stuff, like helping at a kindie and primary school, playing with little children while teaching them about love for our country, and then a lot of other team activities among themselves.  It’s like an extended military cadet camp.  Seems tiring but fun.  I’d think that they would cherish the experience they had in NS.

Yes, I would recommend watching this show to all of you, especially those who are ever suspicious about NS.  It will open your eyes to see what NS life is like.  8TV, Friday night, 9.30pm.

3.  I am thinking of going vegetarian for the next couple of weeks.  I need to detox.  My digestion system is not at its best so I reckon, I should be eating more fibres and grains than meat and oil. I think I would spare the details about how bad the indigestion is, but really, I must do something to rectify this problem before it is too late. 

That means, salad or vege rice for lunch, and vege soup for dinner.  Can I make it?  Hmm…

4.  Tomorrow is an exciting day.  It is D day for beam launching at my site.  Not very often we get to see skybridge being installed, and we have two for this project.  So I’m going to site tomorrow to catch this memorable event.  Of course, i got niat tersembunyi la, I want to take pictures!  Cross my fingers and hope I’ll get some good shots! ;p

5.  Since I made 4 short paragraphs, I might as well add on another one.  Well, this is about a thought that I had a few days ago.  We all must think positive about ourselves, even if it might appear as perasan to others.  I find that very often, we (or is it just me?) tend to think lowly about ourselves because we want to be humble and dont want others to think we are boasting.  I think this is wrong.  We should think highly about ourselves, but we should not manifest it so much by keep mentioning it to others to the point of irritation.  That means, we can think about it in our minds, but we should speak humbly to others.  This is not hypocrisy, but diplomacy. Example, let’s just use me la, so no one gets offended.  I think I have beautiful and unique small eyes.  I love my eyes.  And I think my eyes are far more attractive than those goldfish eyes.  I sound perasan, right?  Yes I am and no sin in that.  But when I tell others, I dont say I have beautiful eyes, I would just tell them I have small eyes and I love my eyes so people wont misconstrue my statement as boasting.

So girls and boys, please think good about yourself, shamelessly.  It is good to boost your confidence!


OK la, I have completed 5 short paragraphs for this entry.  Goodnight to all, and yes, please drop by this blog.  It’s not dead.  Will be up with a few stuff lining in my draft.  Like the recent trip to Sekinchan with my photo kakis, some tests on my latest DIY bounce card and snoot, AND the beam launching thingy.  Hopefully, it time permits, I shall upload the Sekinchan story and pics by early next week.   

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