Sunday, June 21, 2009

Another Day At Sekinchan

During the first trip to Sekinchan with Pet, I mentioned that the weather was overcast and it was drizzling.  Also, the paddy fields were still green, and not many farmers were around.  This time around, I went to Sekinchan, again, but this time with KLguy and DrWho, and it was harvesting time on certain parts.  So green fields have turned yellowish and machines were seen everywhere.  Gone were the days when humans manually harvested the fields for rice.

Btw, what is paddy known in English?  Is paddy the right word?  So the Chinese and Viets refer to paddy as paddy?  Sounds kinds funny because its so Malay.  Padi.  Paddy.  Hmm.

Anyway, since I already took so many field and paddy plant shots, I thought I might as well concentrate on other subjects. 


This is one random shot taken with the camera placed on the ground, without me looking through the viewfinder.  I love the colours.  Pink jambu air and red earth.  Green trees surrounding it.


Lagi-lagi pokok padi.  This one has dew on it.


Pakcik and son fishing at the small stream.  Pakcik was a very friendly man, told us about himself.  He grew up at the paddy fields and now owns a few plots at Sekinchan.  And he loves fishing. 

After spending some time shooting at the Malay fields (Disclaimer:  I’m no racist, this is merely for referral of the location only), we went to the nearby fishing village for a meal of seafood.  KLguy did some homework on what and were to eat prior to our trip and we ended up eating Shark Meat.  It tastes sometime between fish and chicken.  So here’s the picture.


Other dishes were pretty standard and we were very hungry, so no pictures.

After lunch, we ventured into the fisherman’s wharf. 


Old wooden buildings.   I love wood.


Fishing net.


Mudskipper aplenty.  They always look sad, somehow. 


Pulley on the boat.


Bigger pulley on the boat.


A fisherman resting in the boat on a hot afternoon. 


Steel chains.  I like metals too.

After the visit to the wharf, we went to another paddy fields, the Chinese fields.  It was harvesting already and we could see machines and man on scattered locations on the field.


The bicycle.


Rotting wood plank.


The abandoned helmet.


Hayball.  Yes, Malaysia pun ada.


Kosovo.  No la, harvested and burnt field.  Open burning was rampant here, but what choice do they have?  The fields are massive.  And burnt plants make the soil fertile for the next season.


Harvesting in the evening.


Closeup on the er, chopper?  Dont know what that’s called la.

On the way back to PJ, we saw many fruit stalls and I was attracted to the myriad of fruits neatly displayed on the makeshift shelf.  So I took a few shots.


Red and Yellow.


Green jagung



So that sums up the day trip to Sekinchan.  I’d say it was a fun and fruitful day!


Yin Harn said...

I'm in awe... yet more great photos! There's something very satisfying about looking at them.

Tina K said...

Thanks Harn ;)

Elizabeth said...

Wow, nice pics! Guess your beginner's skill is improving fast.... :P Anyway didn't know you have a blog. Do keep in touch! You can visit mine at