Thursday, June 11, 2009

Angels & Demons – No Spoilers

So I did not watch The Da Vinci Code.  Neither did I read any of Dan Brown’s books although I have both books at home.  But I watched Angels & Demons, of all movies that were released lately, simply because other movies do not interest me that much (including Terminator, because I dont want to have an overdose of robots and sci-fi stuff before the release of Transformers II) and I was curious, what’s the hoo-ha about all these Dan Brown’s anti-Christ stories that some even chose to believe the books rather than the age-old Bible. But I am not here to debate on that, but to write a bit about the movie.

I had this deja-vu feeling that I have seen this race-against-time thingy…it was…was in National Treasure!  Yes, the movie reminded me of NT because first, the clues were so damn easy Professor Langdon got it almost immediately, and second, they time seems to stretch longer than reality is.  Like, in 1 hour, the Prof and the scientist could get from 1 church after a catastrophe to the Vatican library, which requires entry permission from the acting Pope (the Camalengo), then walked a few stories below, into the library, get the book, read it, translated it, then suddenly the electricity was shut and they needed to find their way out from the low-pressure room, almost pengsan due to the lack of Oxygen, then miraculously escaped, got into the car, and got to the right destination just before the next murder took place.  Yes,all in slightly less than an hour.  My mind tells me that this is NOT logic. I cant even walk to my lunch place, order my food, sit down, finish my meal, walk back to my office and have time to visit the loo in 1 hour! 

But then again, this is just a movie and as long as it holds the audiences, the movie is fine.  Nevermind if it defies logic.  It should be, so it wont lose its entertainment value ;p 

So verdict is…OK la, can watch but not a must watch.  Oh, and btw, it’s the only time you get to see a really cute Catholic priest (played by the Obi Kenobi guy, forgot his name), hehe.  Too bad he had to die at the end.  Opps, sorry, terbocor the ending.  Yah, just go watch it la. =)

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Petrina said...

i think you'll have to rename your entry - how can you say there are no spoilers? you just terbocor the ending at the last part of your blogpost. :P

(ps i think obi kenobi is cute in any movie he's in la. cheers!)