Sunday, June 21, 2009

Another Day At Sekinchan

During the first trip to Sekinchan with Pet, I mentioned that the weather was overcast and it was drizzling.  Also, the paddy fields were still green, and not many farmers were around.  This time around, I went to Sekinchan, again, but this time with KLguy and DrWho, and it was harvesting time on certain parts.  So green fields have turned yellowish and machines were seen everywhere.  Gone were the days when humans manually harvested the fields for rice.

Btw, what is paddy known in English?  Is paddy the right word?  So the Chinese and Viets refer to paddy as paddy?  Sounds kinds funny because its so Malay.  Padi.  Paddy.  Hmm.

Anyway, since I already took so many field and paddy plant shots, I thought I might as well concentrate on other subjects. 


This is one random shot taken with the camera placed on the ground, without me looking through the viewfinder.  I love the colours.  Pink jambu air and red earth.  Green trees surrounding it.


Lagi-lagi pokok padi.  This one has dew on it.


Pakcik and son fishing at the small stream.  Pakcik was a very friendly man, told us about himself.  He grew up at the paddy fields and now owns a few plots at Sekinchan.  And he loves fishing. 

After spending some time shooting at the Malay fields (Disclaimer:  I’m no racist, this is merely for referral of the location only), we went to the nearby fishing village for a meal of seafood.  KLguy did some homework on what and were to eat prior to our trip and we ended up eating Shark Meat.  It tastes sometime between fish and chicken.  So here’s the picture.


Other dishes were pretty standard and we were very hungry, so no pictures.

After lunch, we ventured into the fisherman’s wharf. 


Old wooden buildings.   I love wood.


Fishing net.


Mudskipper aplenty.  They always look sad, somehow. 


Pulley on the boat.


Bigger pulley on the boat.


A fisherman resting in the boat on a hot afternoon. 


Steel chains.  I like metals too.

After the visit to the wharf, we went to another paddy fields, the Chinese fields.  It was harvesting already and we could see machines and man on scattered locations on the field.


The bicycle.


Rotting wood plank.


The abandoned helmet.


Hayball.  Yes, Malaysia pun ada.


Kosovo.  No la, harvested and burnt field.  Open burning was rampant here, but what choice do they have?  The fields are massive.  And burnt plants make the soil fertile for the next season.


Harvesting in the evening.


Closeup on the er, chopper?  Dont know what that’s called la.

On the way back to PJ, we saw many fruit stalls and I was attracted to the myriad of fruits neatly displayed on the makeshift shelf.  So I took a few shots.


Red and Yellow.


Green jagung



So that sums up the day trip to Sekinchan.  I’d say it was a fun and fruitful day!

How Much Have I Changed In 10 Years

This is an interesting questionnaire in Facebook.  So I thought, why not blog about it.  Here are Questions and my answers in italic. 

  • Ten years ago, did you live in a different home?

I was still living in Taiping, Perak.  Am living in PJ, Selangor now.

  • Ten years ago, did you live in a different city?

I was in Taiping, Perak.  Now PJ, Selangor.

  • Did you live in a different state?

Was in Perak, now Selangor… (Stupid repetitive question)

  • Did you have different best friends?

Yea, the old friends are all over the country, I’m closer to my KL friends nowadays.

  • Did you have a different marital status?

I was single then, but engaged now.

  • What was your financial situation ten years ago?

10 years ago, mum and dad footed the bills, now have to pay everything myself.  What to do, wasnt earning yet then.

  • Did you have a completely different hair color?

Hm, I dyed my hair to mahogany once, I think it was 3 years ago, and then it was black again till today.  Maybe I have more grey hair now.  That’s the only difference la.

  • Did you have completely different career aspirations?

Oh yea, I remembered that I was so determined to be a doctor since I was a child because I wanted to be like Dr Lim (my favourite doctor), but realised that I was more into Physics than Biology after streaming into science,  and since then I went into a state of uncertainty of what I should pursue in life.  I wanted to be an engineer, architect and God (and my Kad 001) knows what else.  I ended up as a quantity surveyor instead.  But now, after several years of practise, I think I would like to try out something else, perhaps in a different field.   So the answer to this question is, yes, I have different career aspirations. 

  • Did you have a different celebrity crush?

Damn, I think I only liked Jet Li and those cutesy boy bands.  Haha.  But now, I like hot men, like Hugh Jackman and Daniel Craig.  =)  All the cute boys can pack their bags and disappear.  Forever.  Hah.

  • You had a different significant other:

I was single la, tarak boyfriend also that time.  From all girls’ school and no tuition, how to meet boys?  Some more I was very tomboyish, who would want me la?   But now, I have a boyfriend, or rather, a fiancĂ© so, that counts as having a different significant other as opposed to no significant other.

  • You had completely different political views:

Yes, I was pro Govt then.  I’m disillusioned now.

  • Are you having more piercings or tattoos?

No la.  But that time dont have ear piercings yet, now I have. 

  • Do you weigh more than 10 years ago?

I was approximately 50kg, am still 50kg.  But looking at my old photos, I have slimmed down quite a bit.  The baby fats mysteriously disappeared after SPM, and I have been thin since.  I still can wear my 10 year old t-shirts!  But dont know why the weight is still the same.

  • Did you have much different drinking habits?

Those days:  Alcohol is evil!  Away with sin!

Nowadays:  Bring me that Stout!  Yeehaa =)

  • You had a completely different circle of friends?

Yes, but I still keep in touch with the old ones, occasionally.  You see, they live near me, and dont hang out at night, so it’s difficult to meet up with them. 

  • You didn't have a computer

That time where got computer yet.  Got also, very expensive.  These days ‘puters are so cheap, every student has one.  I have a laptop now.

  • You didn't have a cell phone

Those days only the rich have cell phones.  I survived with house phone and public phones.   Those colourful phonecards, weren’t they beautiful?  The good old days when I used to collect those cards….=)  But now, I cant survive without my handphone!

  • Did you have completely different taste in music?

Oh yea, Backstreet Boys, N Sync and a whole load of other boybands used to rock!  Haha!  But now, I’d prefer Bryan Adams and U2, anytime.  Eric Claption also OK.  Andrea Bocelli too.  Micheal Buble.  Mariah Carey’s old songs were alright too.  And I like those 80s and 90s stuff too. 

  • Did you have a different education level?

10 years ago : Form 4

Now : Graduated with a degree.

  • Did you live with different people than you do now?

Erm, I used to live with my parents and sister.  Now I live with my sister only.  Mum comes by every month.  Pa gone home already. Does that count as living with different people?

So Facebook came out with a conclusion for me:-

Tina took the quiz How Much Have You Changed in 10 Years? and the result is You've Changed 66% in 10 Years

Compared to who you were ten years ago, you've changed a great deal.
In fact, you're probably in a completely different phase of your life - and very happy about it!

Oh yes, a change is always good and welcomed. =)

Saturday, June 20, 2009


1.  Yes, I know I have beeen doing the Chipsmore thing again.  I’ve been extremely busy with work and family with mum visiting us in the past couple of weeks and I had to accompany her after work so she wouldn't feel neglected, and then with Joshua back from the rigs I must spend some time with him, and thus, I am left with very, very little time for myself to juggle between editing my photos, shooting, AND reading that T. Harv Eker’s Secret of the Millionaire Mind.  Aaaahhh.  I sometimes wished that I am a school teacher or a rich tai tai so at least I get my quality 10 hours to do the things that I want.

Alright, enough of my rants.  =)  So it’s a Saturday night, and I am alone.  Sounds sad but really, I actually enjoy it because I get to do what I want. Yaey!

2.  Watching TV.  The idiot box is really no idiot.  It’s your best friend on a lonely weekend night.  I saw ‘Project NS’ on 8TV last night, for those who do not know what is it, well, its a reality TV show about life at the National Service camp with local celebrities like Suki (that One In A Million girl), Daniel Daneilla (an actress?) and another guy called Alif?  I cant remember because tak femes sangat, keke.  Although much had been said about our National Service, mostly negative news, but from the show, I dont think that the whole NS thing is that bad after all.  The kids there do lots of stuff, like helping at a kindie and primary school, playing with little children while teaching them about love for our country, and then a lot of other team activities among themselves.  It’s like an extended military cadet camp.  Seems tiring but fun.  I’d think that they would cherish the experience they had in NS.

Yes, I would recommend watching this show to all of you, especially those who are ever suspicious about NS.  It will open your eyes to see what NS life is like.  8TV, Friday night, 9.30pm.

3.  I am thinking of going vegetarian for the next couple of weeks.  I need to detox.  My digestion system is not at its best so I reckon, I should be eating more fibres and grains than meat and oil. I think I would spare the details about how bad the indigestion is, but really, I must do something to rectify this problem before it is too late. 

That means, salad or vege rice for lunch, and vege soup for dinner.  Can I make it?  Hmm…

4.  Tomorrow is an exciting day.  It is D day for beam launching at my site.  Not very often we get to see skybridge being installed, and we have two for this project.  So I’m going to site tomorrow to catch this memorable event.  Of course, i got niat tersembunyi la, I want to take pictures!  Cross my fingers and hope I’ll get some good shots! ;p

5.  Since I made 4 short paragraphs, I might as well add on another one.  Well, this is about a thought that I had a few days ago.  We all must think positive about ourselves, even if it might appear as perasan to others.  I find that very often, we (or is it just me?) tend to think lowly about ourselves because we want to be humble and dont want others to think we are boasting.  I think this is wrong.  We should think highly about ourselves, but we should not manifest it so much by keep mentioning it to others to the point of irritation.  That means, we can think about it in our minds, but we should speak humbly to others.  This is not hypocrisy, but diplomacy. Example, let’s just use me la, so no one gets offended.  I think I have beautiful and unique small eyes.  I love my eyes.  And I think my eyes are far more attractive than those goldfish eyes.  I sound perasan, right?  Yes I am and no sin in that.  But when I tell others, I dont say I have beautiful eyes, I would just tell them I have small eyes and I love my eyes so people wont misconstrue my statement as boasting.

So girls and boys, please think good about yourself, shamelessly.  It is good to boost your confidence!


OK la, I have completed 5 short paragraphs for this entry.  Goodnight to all, and yes, please drop by this blog.  It’s not dead.  Will be up with a few stuff lining in my draft.  Like the recent trip to Sekinchan with my photo kakis, some tests on my latest DIY bounce card and snoot, AND the beam launching thingy.  Hopefully, it time permits, I shall upload the Sekinchan story and pics by early next week.   

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Angels & Demons – No Spoilers

So I did not watch The Da Vinci Code.  Neither did I read any of Dan Brown’s books although I have both books at home.  But I watched Angels & Demons, of all movies that were released lately, simply because other movies do not interest me that much (including Terminator, because I dont want to have an overdose of robots and sci-fi stuff before the release of Transformers II) and I was curious, what’s the hoo-ha about all these Dan Brown’s anti-Christ stories that some even chose to believe the books rather than the age-old Bible. But I am not here to debate on that, but to write a bit about the movie.

I had this deja-vu feeling that I have seen this race-against-time thingy…it was…was in National Treasure!  Yes, the movie reminded me of NT because first, the clues were so damn easy Professor Langdon got it almost immediately, and second, they time seems to stretch longer than reality is.  Like, in 1 hour, the Prof and the scientist could get from 1 church after a catastrophe to the Vatican library, which requires entry permission from the acting Pope (the Camalengo), then walked a few stories below, into the library, get the book, read it, translated it, then suddenly the electricity was shut and they needed to find their way out from the low-pressure room, almost pengsan due to the lack of Oxygen, then miraculously escaped, got into the car, and got to the right destination just before the next murder took place.  Yes,all in slightly less than an hour.  My mind tells me that this is NOT logic. I cant even walk to my lunch place, order my food, sit down, finish my meal, walk back to my office and have time to visit the loo in 1 hour! 

But then again, this is just a movie and as long as it holds the audiences, the movie is fine.  Nevermind if it defies logic.  It should be, so it wont lose its entertainment value ;p 

So verdict is…OK la, can watch but not a must watch.  Oh, and btw, it’s the only time you get to see a really cute Catholic priest (played by the Obi Kenobi guy, forgot his name), hehe.  Too bad he had to die at the end.  Opps, sorry, terbocor the ending.  Yah, just go watch it la. =)