Monday, May 11, 2009

Sekinchan – Life at The Paddy Fields

We eat rice everyday but do we know where rice comes from?

Pet and I went on a trip to discover what life in the surburbs is like.  Sekinchan is a small town 25km north from the much famed Kuala Selangor, and is known as the rice bowl of Selangor.  Ironically, just across the Main Road which is federal road No. 5, is the fishing village called Bagan Sekinchan.  Ironic because, paddy fields require fresh water, while the fishing village is near the sea (salt water).  God does marvelous things doesn't He?

Anyway, the experience at the paddy fields was an amazing one – it started with a Chinese kampung and ended at a Malay kampung.  The apeks there are extremely friendly – everybody turned to look at us in awe – wondering what brought these two ladies to their humble village.  Or perhaps it was my DSLR and tripod that gave them the “whoa- someone from the press is here’ look.  Haha.  And yeah, we enjoyed ourselves, getting close to nature and seeing new things. 

The only gripe I had was the weather.  While it was good for walking, it wasnt conducive for photography.  The sky was heavily overcast.  While all the days were hot and sunny, this was the day that the sky chose to rain.  Though it wasnt heavy, it did affect the images that I take because the lighting was flat and I couldnt acheive what I had in mind.  But nevertheless, I still took some shots and am pretty happy with them, although I knew I could have done so much better.  Perhaps the next round I would. =)


Sawah padi terbentang luas…


Lilies in the midst of paddy.


A plant used for extraction (menuai) I supposed?


Cracks on the clay. Actually oh, I found many mussel shells on the clay which made me wonder, where did the mussels come from?  They cant be flooded from the sea, can it?  Or someone had a seafood party by the sawah padi?


Tali air.  Sorry, I’m a product of KBSM, so dont know what’s that in English. 


Romanticizing the cart.  Waiting for the reaping season.


Panorama at the fields.  2 frames combined to one.  I’m beginning to love this!  Hehe…

I really hope to come back to Sekinchan again someday when the weather is more sunny and the skies more blue.  Hopefully things will work out the next time around.  =)


Yin Harn said...

Hi Tina! Hope you remember me :) Just wanted to say - gorgeous photos!

Tina K said...

Hi Yin Harn,
Of course I remember u! Thanks for dropping by my humble blog and liking my photos =)

Cruel Angel said...

Sekinchan a nice place...