Friday, May 29, 2009

What’s Behind The Wall – Part 1

Construction sites are interesting places for me.  Most people appreciate the end product, but never knew how the structure is like during construction.  Kinda like babies – they’re cute and adorable when they were born, but before that, during foetus-y (foetus stage lah, dont know what its called), the developing human inside the womb is nothing but adorable.  Yeah, lame analogy but you get what I mean, right?

Anyway, since I work at a construction site and have heavy loading insurance plus CIDB green card, I have unlimited access to anywhere at site.  Which is good because I know that the site can be a very interesting place to photograph, if you open your eyes big big and lookout for opportunities for good shots. Since I’m love abstracts, architecture and buildings, I thought I’d do a series on walls.


Looks like something from Picassa.


Door To The Soul – I was walking around site with some of the supervisors when I spotted this timber door frame leaning against the wall.  The texture on the wall and the shadow that befall the frame somehow gave me the feeling of serenity, like a door to the heart and soul.

Yer, jiwangnyer!  Kekeke


Splatters of cement mortar. 


Some walls also have sketches and scribblings.  You see, most of the workers are from foreign lands, like Indonesia, Bangladesh, Nepal, Myanmar and India.  And they have been away from their families for many, many years.  So its only natural that they scribble on the wall to express their feelings.


Indian Lady – When I saw this, I knew I had to take this photo.  My deductions are:

1.  An Indian worker misses his wife

2. A worker likes my site clerk, who’s a Malaysian Indian lady.

3.  This is a shrine of Aishwarya Rai.  Damn I hope this is not one! Haha


Pigs On The Loose – Aren’t they cute?  I wondered why they drew pigs. 

So that’s the end of my first series of What’s Behind The Wall.  Kita sambung another time when I visit another block tomorrow. 

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Don’t We All Love Good News?

It’s good to hear some ‘rain’ coming on the way after a season of drought.  And I am not talking about a small drizzle, more of like a typical Taiping afternoon rain – neither heavy nor light.  But enough to get drenched la. 

This news is certainly a great booster to all drying, delusional spririts wondering about the dessert with hopes that the land will be fertile once again.

So the land, isn't that bad as many perceived, after all. 

*ps: I’m talking figuratively. 

Monday, May 25, 2009

Sometimes I Wish You Were Here

When I need some sound advice, you are not here.

When I need to consult you on the right step to take, you are not here.

Because whatever I do, where do I go, it all concerns you and is directly linked to you.

I know you are away for work, and I understand that you have to do this for a better future for us.  I do appreciate that, sincerely.

But on days like today all I really need is your presence, to hear you and to talk to you.  Even if I know what to do. Coz letting go, is the hardest thing to do, and I need your support, consolation and encouragement to take that very step to let go.

I really wish you were here tonight.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

American Idol/Yet Another Proton Problem/Weddings

1.  American Idol.

Frankly speaking, I have not been following AI since the season when Taylor Hicks won (cant remember which).  I even missed the Finals for the season where Jordin Sparks won.  For last season’s AI, I managed to catch the Finals Result show though, and I enjoyed the performances by various celebrities, most notably by Bryan Adams with the other male contestants of AI.  Bryan’s still the man!

Anyway, since its THE Finale, I must, hop in the bandwagon and write something about it too.

So it was yet another guy vs guy finale.  Or rather, guy vs gay. Hah.  Kris vs Adam.  Which do you like?  I’d say,  Kris is for me.  First, I like his peaceful image, clean shave, plays the acoustic guitar and piano, and sings songs that I like.  Adam, on the other hand, has this goth, grunge, Twilight-Green Day bastardized image with weird sense of music and style.  But I must say this, between the two, I think Adam has better vocals, though I still vouch for Kris as the more ‘complete’ artiste because he can play instruments too.  Maybe I am biased lah, first, because Adam is too damn gothic for my liking, (Fish those ugly dugly suckly vampire eyeliners and black robotic outfit) and second, I have soft spot for men who can play the guitar.  I know, I’m weak =(.   I have had my eyes on him since the first time I saw him perform, probably in the Top 8 or something like that, and I somehow knew that he would make it to the top.  Like how I felt when I first saw Carrie Underwood during her audition a few years ago.  Also, when I saw Taylor Hicks in his audition the year after Carrie.  Hm, I have good foresight and jugment, kekekkekeke.  *perasan again*

Anyway, I am so happy that Kris Allen won, and I hope he wont be one of those AI winners who went under the radar after winning.  Macam Taylor Hicks.  What on earth happened to him la?

2.  Proton Again.

This is yet another Proton bashing entry.  Last night, or rather, in the wee hours in the morning, my proton car alarm went off.  Had to unlock the car so that the alarm shuts, because it was too dangerous for me to walk out to the car alone to check what triggered the alarm.  This morning, when I got to the car, I found that one of the rear doors was not fastened.  It was not only unlocked, it was loosely closed, like someone actually opened it and just push it slightly to close it, probably out of panic from the alarm system.  And I knew that that door had always been unable to lock properly.  It cant be my fault, alright, it is my fault that I didnt fork out money to fix a problem that SHOULDN’T HAVE BEEN THERE IN THE FIRST PLACE!   Look, it is outrightly NOT my problem because I seldom open that door.  I wish the car is not as problematic as it is, but as long as I’m still paying for it, I’ll have to live with the shortcomings that were packaged with the car.

But then again, I should be thankful that at least, I have a car.  Much better than not having one, especially for a kutu like me.


** Actually I have more to write, but had to truncate them because I am sleepy now.  To be continued…hopefully can upload some pics la.  Goodnight.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Sekinchan – Life at The Paddy Fields

We eat rice everyday but do we know where rice comes from?

Pet and I went on a trip to discover what life in the surburbs is like.  Sekinchan is a small town 25km north from the much famed Kuala Selangor, and is known as the rice bowl of Selangor.  Ironically, just across the Main Road which is federal road No. 5, is the fishing village called Bagan Sekinchan.  Ironic because, paddy fields require fresh water, while the fishing village is near the sea (salt water).  God does marvelous things doesn't He?

Anyway, the experience at the paddy fields was an amazing one – it started with a Chinese kampung and ended at a Malay kampung.  The apeks there are extremely friendly – everybody turned to look at us in awe – wondering what brought these two ladies to their humble village.  Or perhaps it was my DSLR and tripod that gave them the “whoa- someone from the press is here’ look.  Haha.  And yeah, we enjoyed ourselves, getting close to nature and seeing new things. 

The only gripe I had was the weather.  While it was good for walking, it wasnt conducive for photography.  The sky was heavily overcast.  While all the days were hot and sunny, this was the day that the sky chose to rain.  Though it wasnt heavy, it did affect the images that I take because the lighting was flat and I couldnt acheive what I had in mind.  But nevertheless, I still took some shots and am pretty happy with them, although I knew I could have done so much better.  Perhaps the next round I would. =)


Sawah padi terbentang luas…


Lilies in the midst of paddy.


A plant used for extraction (menuai) I supposed?


Cracks on the clay. Actually oh, I found many mussel shells on the clay which made me wonder, where did the mussels come from?  They cant be flooded from the sea, can it?  Or someone had a seafood party by the sawah padi?


Tali air.  Sorry, I’m a product of KBSM, so dont know what’s that in English. 


Romanticizing the cart.  Waiting for the reaping season.


Panorama at the fields.  2 frames combined to one.  I’m beginning to love this!  Hehe…

I really hope to come back to Sekinchan again someday when the weather is more sunny and the skies more blue.  Hopefully things will work out the next time around.  =)