Friday, April 10, 2009

Where I Was, At Tanjung Tuan

I was asked to help out as a photographer for the Raptor Watch Lighthouse Race and I purposely chose to be stationed at the lighthouse so that while waiting for the runner to arrive, I could curi-curi take pictures of the breathtaking view of the clear blue skies with beautiful white clouds and the calm emerald sea. 

DSC_0738 DSC_0784

Entrance to the lighthouse was actually by permit only.  Many, many avid birders with their super super super telephoto lenses that looks and feels expensive were in the compound of the lighthouse, because they have the permit.

For me, I dont need permit.  I sembang-sembang dengan Pak Guard kat lighhouse tu, told him kita tiga orang saja, AJK utk lighthouse race, boleh lah, bang…. and he allowed me in =)


It was worthwhile as I dont get to go upclose to a lighthouse often and also, I met some very friendly photographers and we sembang-sembang about our gears.

And the aerial view of the seaside was magnificent on that day.




More to come, only these pictures are ready because I submitted these to the company portal. 

I so crave for another landscape photography outing now.

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Petrina said...

these are amazing pix. can't wait to see the full set ... :)

faster put on fb la, so i can comment and see. ...