Monday, April 13, 2009

Shot Rant

Need to b*tch a bit about the new dude in my office. 

I noticed he’s got this weird habit of suddenly smiling by himself when he works.  Like, when studying drawings, or even when he hears our general conversations with other people which does not concern him.  I find that irritating OK.  Dont know what’s in his head that makes him smile tak tentu pasal.

The most annoying thing for me is, whenever I use Eye-Mo, he will smile on his own.  EVERY time without fail.  I am not perasan or coincidental, being a scientific person, I TESTED his responses several times by dropping Eye-Mo when he is not smiling.  The end result is, by the time I finish wetting both eyes, he would be smiling already. I dont understand.  What’s so funny about dripping Eye-Mo?  It’s normal ok.  This smiling tak tentu pasal is getting super annoying I might just burst out and ask him why he’s like that.  Ish.

Ah, after ranting, I feel more relieved.  Thank you berry berry muchi for reading this.

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