Monday, April 20, 2009

A Little Photoshop Could Do Some Wonders

Photoshop is one of the most useful software man has ever created after Microsoft.  It makes women thinner, takes years off an old man, and turns sweaty models into porcelain.   Of course it has other uses like changing George Bush from ‘saggy old man’ into ‘Ms Jolie’s body’ and bring together Osama and Bush in Paris Hilton’s party.  But the latter two are examples of extreme photo-manipulation, which does not interest me at all because my love is on photography, not graphics, and Photoshop is a tool to enhance a shot and to bring the right kind of feel to the image.

Anyway, dont want to loh soh so much about Photoshop.

I was supposed to be doing my office homework (yes, I brought back work for the weekend, sad right? Ish.) but I ended up experimenting with my friend’s picture which I curi-curi plucked from her blog, the Makeup Island (sorry, Bev, didnt ask u first; if you are reading this, I hope you dont mind).  She is a makeup artist by profession and had done some makeup on herself beautifully. The self taken portraits on the blog just didnt do her any justice, IMO.  So I got itchy and decided to photoshop one of the pictures to enhance her look.  Please note that I did not manipulate the image, just adjusted the curves and saturation, spot heal some moles, clear some stray hair on the face, smoothen her face a little and a little dodge and burn here and there.  It may not be perfect, but I think its better than the original, no?clip_image001

On your left is the original, and the right is the photoshopped.  Which one do you like better?  I’d like to know.  Bang me if you dont like it.  Pat me if you do.  Tell me what you think =)

**Coming right next under the Photography category:-

- Photos taken at my latest strobist session.  Still at RAW, yet to edit.   

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