Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Degenerated Discs

I’ve not been writing much personal stuff here of late and I am sure some of you are wondering what have I been up to.  Thank you, my friends for keep coming back to read this blog.  And to those who are new, welcome and I hope you will return back for the second time, third and so on.

Well, as per the title of this entry,  I have been diagnosed with degenerated disc at my lower back (cant remember which lumbar) which explains the severe backache I have been suffering for the past couple of months.  There isnt anything I could do to recover because whatever hydraulics in that particular disc have all leaked out and I am left with a hollow disc.  I wouldnt have borthered much if it wasnt the lower back which pricks my nerves like crazy whenever I sit for a long stretch, bend myself forward or backward, and getting up from the bed or anywhere low.  According to the orthopedic, this condition is actually quite common, and the doctor had adviced me to go swimming to strengthen my back to at least, alleviate the pain and prevent further degeneration on other discs.

Anyway, all’s not grim.  I have been meaning to learn swimming but never had the opportunity, commitment and a proper instructor to teach me.  So now that I have such medical condition, my instructor must teach me no matter how teruk a swimmer I am.  And I have a stronger will to learn now. 

OK lah, I wish I could write more but my back is really getting me and I got to stand up.  Perhaps, I need a new chair.  Please pray for me (for the back problem, not the chair ;p)

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