Thursday, April 16, 2009

Bukit Bintang and Some CLS (Creative Lighting System)

Last weekend, the three of us, KLguy, Dr Who and I went around Bukit Bintang for a night street shoot cum strobist session.  For the ignorant, strobist is photography with off-camera flash, usually connected to the DSLR hotshoe via wires, and can be fired at any desired intensity and timing, depending on how the strobes (flashguns in our case) are set.  In Nikon, we call it CLS or Creative Lighting System.

Here are some of my selected shots:-

1.  Kelab De Vegas.  Taken with 3 exposures, bracketed.  And combined in Photoshop to create some kind of HDR (High Dynamic Range) image.  Click here to learn more about HDR.


2.  Light Trails at Jalan in front Times Square.  Suddenly I realised that I dont know the name of the road!  But the trails could have been better had I had more skills in taking them.  Sigh.  Or maybe the background colours are too distracting? Light trails are ‘lines’ created by moving lights (in this case, the red lines created by the cars that pass by).


3.  Reflections on the puddle.  This was taken at the lorong behind Sungai Wang Plaza.  There were some stalls selling keropok lekor, jagung, satay and some drinks. 


4.  Punksters Inc.  These kids were sporting enough to pose for us!  And since they all have this grunge-punk-rockster style, I decided to give the photo a touch of Lomo-ish green tint and vignetting (darkened black corners) to enhance the image.  Jadi or not?  Hehe…

Actually I still have a lot more to learn in Photoshop.


5.  The effects of using two strobes.  This is one of our (not mine alone, KLguy set the strobes, DrWho posed and I merely snapped because the flashguns were Nikons) shots taken with two flashguns set at manual, one located on DrWho’s right and another, behind him.

*Due to no model release, the eyes of the model (Dr Who) has to be pixelated*


So that’s it for now.  I have more than a hundred shots actually, but only 5 is worthy to be posted.  My QAQC is strict OK, hehe.

And yes, I kinda like flash photography now!  =)

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