Tuesday, March 03, 2009

7 Seater

Lately, I have been thinking about upgrading my car to a 7-seater.   Of course the ideal would be the Nissan X-trail 2.0 (A) (Got higher spec but this is sufficient), or even the Honda CRV, but looking at my financial situation, I think the most I can do is the Toyota Avanza.  RM 62,000 for 1.3 manual transmission.   My Proton is tearing apart (not because I did not take care of it, but as we all know, Protons generally dont last) and I dont want to spend a fortune just to fix something that is ‘born’ inferior.   There’s the new Proton Exora, though it is a 7 seater , I will NOT consider it under any circumstances. And this is my personal advice to you all, dear friends.  If you can stretch another hundred or so, just get the MyVi.  


So readers, any recommendation?  Cheap and good 7 seater.  In Malaysia yer, not Abu Dhabi.


*Ps:  I saw in the news today that Naza is bringing in Maserati to Malaysia.  More choices for the extreme rich to speed around on Friday nights along the Federal Highway.  Lambos are yesteday now.


Cruel Angel said...

proton Juara or perudua rusa!

the 1st msia MPV!

Rosdan Teh said...

I would advice you not to rule out Exora yet.
You might have a preset opinion on what Proton was, but, just wait for the launch, and go to see it by yourself.
Then you could judge them.

It might not be as bad as you had perceived.