Tuesday, February 03, 2009

WTFish with blogger/photobucket

If you have visited my blog yesterday, you would have noticed some ah long painted my blog with alerts that I have exceeded the alloted bandwidth and must upgrade to Photobucket Pro Version.  I was like WTFish?

I didnt put many pictures.  And the template was uploaded from a website that didnt mention of the involvement of Photobucket or that it will eat into my kimasiap FOC account.  So I cepat-cepat replace the template with this one from blogger to resolve the problem.  So this stupid ugly looking template is staying until I sort out the problem (eg look for a better, less ‘heavy’, FOC template).  Or should I get a paid server for myself?  But to spend some 100 bucks for a blog that doesnt make money isnt very wise, is it?

So my dear readers, please bear with the ugly site for the time being.  The backdrop may be not so nice but I will still keep updating the blog.  Yes, with pictures too.

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