Thursday, February 05, 2009

Local Drama Bersiri– From PR to BN

Our politics is getting more and more exciting lah ever since the General Elections last year.  Suddenly all the rotting skeletons in the closet see the light of day and accusations after accusations being hurled from the left camp to the right and vice versa.  Then we see some aspiring PM guy wanting to take over the Government but subsequently failed due to ‘unforeseen circumstances’.  And then there’s the soppy drama of the PeeM who finally decided to step down because the whole world is against him or that sort.  Of which he wisely chose his current Dee to take over his reign.  But the Dee isnt a very popular guy for reasons everybody knows.  And so Part 1 of the drama sort of ended here. 

Then tiba-tiba, some ‘very like minded’ MDs from PKR decided that they had enough of suffering and wanted to jumped ship.  With them, the rule of the entire state of Perak switched hands from the other side to another side.  Sigh.  I wonder what’s reeling next.  Our politics is like a tug of war match, one side pull, the other also pull, and nobody really cares about the rakyat like us.  Gajah berperang, pelanduk mati di tengah-tengah.

But still, somehow lah, our beloved but dying country still manages to survive on its own.  I guess we have a great autopilot system.  No war, no killings, only some street protests which occasionally ended in a bit of brawl.  So the situation here is considered OK lah.  Do you really think so? Of course not OK la, the thought that our politicians are not interested in OUR welfare is a scary and we are no worse than the kanak-kanak terbiar in Jejak Kasih. 

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Cruel Angel said...

HE disspointed me... I hope HE would have done The People a favour by calling a new ELECTION!

anyway... I heard Hee Pit Foong is your neighbour and her family is starving to death for nobody wanna sell her food!