Friday, February 20, 2009

I Am Fickle

Eli Wong was framed la, she’s single and was sleeping semi-naked at home!  How can anybody infringe her privacy and publicize pictures of her doing absolutely nothing wrong but sleeping without much clothes?”

Ya lah, betul tu.  I also pity Eli Wong.  She did nothing wrong and she indeed has all the rights to sleep naked at home.  And that bloody ex-bf of hers, probably was a pig for a certain rival party.  If sleeping naked alone at home is a sin, then we all shouldn't bathe naked at home too, no?

“ Eh, do you know that Eli Wong used to have many boyfriends and is highly sexual”

Yes ah?? Eh, like that then I would say, although it is not wrong to be single and sexual (not wrong from the legal aspect, not religious), but in Malaysia, as a politician, she should stop all her rendezvous and adopt all the nilai-nilai murni masyarakat Malaysia yang sopan dan berbudi pekerti.  Like it, hate it, double standard, hypocrite or not, this is reality and Malaysians generally cannot accept leaders who do not uphold good Asian values.  Though I still pity her for the humiliation she has to face, but if she really is that promiscuous, then I think its just a matter of time before the ‘can of worms’ is being discovered and exposed to the public.  Because public figures just cant afford to sin.  They just cant.  Tak boleh.

“ Guys, have you checked out Eli Wong’s Flickr?  Her works are good, the way she frames her shots, and plays with lightings, very journalistic.  She’s got talent and good eyes!”

U mean she’s a photographer?  Wah like that, all sins can be forgiven.  Respect, respect.  I support you now, Eli!  What lousy photographer that Hilmy guy was, got glaring noise and exposure problem.  He should at least, try to PP the noise before presenting it to the culprits.  Doh!

“Eli Wong uses Nikon..”

Foosh…respect scale terus increase to boiling point.  100 degrees Celsius.  No need to say anything, she immediately became my favorite politician. 

Do check put her Flickr here

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