Tuesday, February 24, 2009



Coming Soon, 2010.


Cruel Angel said...


Anonymous said...

I know la..
Happy lo..
Dun forget invite me..hehe..
Congratulation in advance..
Must start do ur budget d..


Tina K said...

EC: u say wan ah...so whn i invite u, by hook or by crook u must come bck M'sia!
CA: me good girl, wnt do b4 marriage!

Petrina said...

heya. wow. ok, so it's time to start planning the happy day and i'll be invited too right? :)

hahaha...congrats to you and your other 1/2!

dun dun dun ... coming soon ...

Tina K said...

Pet: yes, you are definitely going to be invited so no matter where the Govt sends you, you must come back KL to attend K? hehe

Just let me know which lengchai table you want to be seated next ;p

Anonymous said...

hey wifey....


ahh_mun vS hAM said...

Congratulation ~~~!!

dun forget invite me leh..
n pls.. dun forget ur beautiful single frens~~


Tina K said...

Chong: sure, i will arrange you to sit with my pretty 16 year old cousin from Ipoh. ;p just make sure u and eng chuan dont fight that night ok? hehe

Anonymous: Duh, siapa lu? ingat sinang sinang boleh panggil gua wifey ka? ;p