Wednesday, January 07, 2009

To Do In 2009

Since our friend Ah Chong made a list of what he wants to do in 2009, I also feel inspired to list down some things I should do this year. Though its already the 7th today, nevertheless I shall still write what I want and should do in the next 348 days.

1. Take leave on my birthday. This I have not done ever since I started working in my project.

2. Try everything possible and make up my mind on the path to take after Independence Day in 2010.

3. Think, act and BE positive! Always remember that God made me wonderfully and beautifully. (This, I always forget everytime I am emotionally bruised)

4. Dress up better and spend a little biiiit more on girly stuff like new cloths, makeup, skincare products, etc...

5. I have sensitive skin, therefore I shall try not to scratch whenever some bugs bite me, or anytime I feel itchy. Instead, I shall use the best invention of all time..... MOPIKO!!

Damn Mopikos are so expensive these days- RM 5.90 for 10g!

6. Spend more time with my camera, take more photos, be more rajin to process my pictures and post up here! In other words, I must improve my skills both in taking and processing photos. Hopefully I can start making money from it the following year, who knows kan?

7. Trust God more. Doubt Him less. The past year had been very spiritually turbulent for me, I had been down a lot, been asking God why things happened the way it did, where have I gone wrong, why He didnt react the way I wanted and why did He take me out of this emotional abuse I face everyday. I dont think I have been smiling a lot last year.

But this year, I want to change my paradigm on life and I realised that, there is no better start than to look to God for a change. I can work, but in the end, God decides what's best for me. I have to learn to surrender. After all, He's my maker and how can the creation knows better than the creator, right? This is common logic also.

8. Read more! Last year I wanted to read a book every month which of course, I ended up with only a quarter of a book for the year! Actually, until now I still havent finish the book! FIY, it was Seven Habits of Highly Successful People by Stephen Covey, which, to me, was a good book. Seriously. So this year, since I cannot commit to thick reading matters, I shall read magazines instead. My target : 2 magazines per month, one on photography and another yet to be decided.

And also, finish up that book that I began last year...

9. Make more friends, meet new people, hang out more with my old friends.

10. Live a healthy lifestyle. Hit the gym in the morning again (mental note: must wake up early, must dicipline myself!!!) and eat less at night.

Actually the list is longer but those are personal stuff I wont share to the whole world...So this 10 would be something more general that I should do this year. Please, wish me the best and remember me in your prayers.


Cruel Angel said...

all i can say is becareful with your camera. MaT Rempits on the roll!

Anonymous said...

Since everyone made Top Five lists to be done in 2009, me too me too wanna done something..
1. I wish I can buy a house because is recession time means everyone need money therefore they sell their property in cheaper price.
2. I wish I can win lottery which means I need to start pick up some 4 digits number..alamak headache..u ask me do calculation then okie la..but pick number and buy..take longer time..
3. I wish I can get taller a bit since getting fatter..since short and fat wil looks disaster..haha..
4. I wish I can meet someone who rich enough to start a business..haha..
5. Last but not least, I wish I can fulfill all as above..haha..

So you think can jadi or not my top five listing..
...YES / NO...


Tina K said...

EC: wah, ur list manyak ambitious...let's see..

1. buy house: i think u can since u r the rich tycoon from AD ;p
2. win lottery: i give u number: 3074. came out a few times b4. when u strike, must belanja me, hehe
3. get taller: hm, grow ur hair longer, put more gel so the top hair will stand
4. meet rich gf: eh, the girl u minat is a tauke's daughter ma....
5. sure can with all my tips ;p