Sunday, January 11, 2009

Seafood And Beer

I like both.  Shelled seafood is such a compatible match with cold beer.  Coupled with good company and a beautiful weekend, life feels like heaven.  OK, maybe not exactly heaven la, but this is the kind of hangout I like.  What? Sounds like apek?  Haha.


But the seafood and beer that I am talking about now, was not savored together this time.  The seafood dinner was a family outing, thus no beer, while the beer was bought in Brussels, the new beer cafe at Jaya One.  Much have been talked and blogged about that place, so I am not going to copycat what other have said.  Im different ok.


1.  Seafood at Subang Airport- dont remember the restaurant name but there’s a big lobster at the entrance.


Hmm.. Belakang masuk, kekekkekekek



This creature that looks like something that is used during belakang masuk sessions is called Geoduck.  The first time I saw it was in one of Ahmad’s forwarded email a few years ago.  Then I saw it again in Andrew Zimmern’s Bizzarre Food.  I think this creature tak laku, coz it looks weird and we Chinese dont know how it should be eaten.



O MIghty Crab!


So that’s all about seafood.  Or sea animals.  You thought I’m going to show u pictures of kamheong crabs and chilli prawns?  Haha.  Again I said, I’m different =)


Btw, just a note, we didnt eat either of those sea animals that I feature here…


2.  Beer at Brussels.


Before you proceed, if any of you Christian brothers and sisters who are stumbled by me, please stop reading now.  But before you leave, please take some time to read what I got to say about drinking beer.


For me, drinking beer is not a mean to sin, or to lepaskan sadness and sorrow. Drinking and appreciating beer is an art.  You sip, feel the texture, and slowly swallow it down.  I drink with control and with conscious.  Because in art, you have to take time to appreciate.  And I don't drink everyday or even every week OK.


Chewah, macamlah I’m some kind of connoisseur, hehe.


Anyway, the Happy Hours at Brussels is only happy for the draught.  Which has a few options, like Stella Artois, Leffe, Carlsberg Extra Cold, Beamer Stout and Hoegaarden.  Since there were two of us, we ordered 4 mugs of different beers.


Round One:  Hoegaarden and Stella Artois.


Hoegaarden is smooth and is easier to down between the two.  But it’s too mild and too sweet to my liking and it feel unsubstantial like drinking juice only.  Still, if I need a mild thirstquencher, I’d consider the hoegaarden.


The Stella Artois, on the other hand, has a rougher texture, somewhat like Tiger Beer.   But its not a bitter as Tiger and tastes a little more bearable than the conventional beers, although it still tastes conventional to me.  Probably on the higher side of the scale.


My verdict for Round One :  I’d say the Stella Artois.  But really, the Hoegarden is not bad too, just too mild for me.


Round Two:  Beamish Irish Stout and Leffe Brune




Beamish:  It’s smooth and tastes pleasantly bitter like any other stouts that I have tasted before.  The foam is super creamy and the consistency is just right.   Not too watery or too thick.  Just right.


Leffe Brune:   I have tasted both Leffe Brune and Blond before, but that was a long time ago I cant remember how they tasted like.  But this time around, the Leffe Brune was a little too fizzy for me.  But the taste is OK, somewhat like coke minus sugar plus kilkenny or what la.  Pleasant still to me.


So my verdict for Round Two is, I prefer the Beamish than Leffe’s.


My overall Choice of The Day is…..






Petrina said...

hey woman.
are we on for wed nite? :)
let me know - i'll come and pick you up from the usual place.
(and pls think of some cekap places to eat ... while i drive and try not to hit traffic policemen or dividers)

Anonymous said...

How abt me?
Am i not invited? :(